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Gregory Mobley
Professor of Christian Bible


(617) 831-2363


B.A., Campbellsville College
M.Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Th.M., Harvard Divinity School
Ph.D., Harvard University

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Gregory Mobley is Professor of Christian Bible (and more specifically, the brilliant first half of the canon known as the “Old Testament” or “Tanakh”). Since 1997, Mobley has been conducting experiments in intuition and spontaneity at Andover Newton, trying to break through his modern conditioning in order to understand the strange and beautiful world of the ancient prophets and poets who gave us the Bible. For the results of these experiments, see, for instance, The Return of the Chaos Monsters—and Other Backstories of the Bible (Eerdmans, 2012).

Mobley is entranced by Judaism and spends as much time as possible at neighboring Hebrew College where we are running a different set of experiments, in interfaith learning, and discovering that it is possible to love your own faith without hating someone else’s. For the results of these experiments, see Jennifer Peace, Or Rose, and yours truly, editors, My Neighbor’s Faith: Stories of Interreligious Encounter, Growth, and Transformation (Orbis, 2012).

Mobley did receive formal education—at public primary and secondary schools in central Kentucky, Campbellsville College (B.A. 1979), Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div. 1984), Harvard Divinity School (Th.M. 1986), and Harvard University (Ph.D. 1994)—but it was only partially successful. Mainly, Mobley seeks to hear and hum the Song of Life that flows out of the pores of the universe and between the lines of Scripture.

Primary course areas:
Christian Bible/Old Testament
Hebrew Language
Interfaith Studies

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