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First Congregational Church in Braintree
12 Elm Street
(781) 843-3616

Site Description

First Church is a congregation in dynamic and exciting transition. It was once a very large congregation, but it imploded due to disastrous conflict and the failure to adapt to changing conditions. After a long period of healing, First Church is now embarking on a series of bold initiatives as it seeks to become what God would have it be today and tomorrow, rather than trying to once again become what it used to be. The Town of Braintree is undergoing globalization; the community is becoming highly diverse. One of our initiatives is to embrace ethnic diversity. We are engaged in some mutual ministry with Brazilian Christians who are sharing our facilties. We are also in the process of developing an English School (ESL) for newcomers to the South Shore. We will soon begin an informal, contemporary worship service on Saturday afternoons. First Church has 199 members, most of whom are older. We have a Youth Group of 48 (only 4 are from church families). One of our outreach efforts to youth is what we call Band Nights, involving area bands. We often draw more than 200 youngsters to Band Nights, held monthly. First Church is part of a five congregation consortium that conducts a summer church camp in New Hampshire for more than 400 youth, using 70 counselors. First Church is steeped in history. Increase Mather preached the installation sermon for our first pastor, and John Adams delivered the "Braintree Instructions" in our church. Historian David McCullough was the featured speaker at our 300th Anniversary in 2007. First Church is a congregation with a history, but we are more concerned about being faithful today and tomorrow. We realize that with God, the adventure is always ahead!

Stipend Expectation

This site meets the stipend expectation

Student Involvement

First Church most recently had a Seminary Intern two years ago. We are a medium-sized congregation, but we are blessed with huge resources in the way of facilities and ministry opportunties. Seminary Interns are free to work on what they believe will best prepare them for where and how they sense God is calling them. In addition to providing traditional pastoral ministry opportunities, our Pastor and Teacher (Field Supervisor) is highly skilled at helping Seminary Interns discover their unique God-given gifts for ministry. First Church is a rather unique setting where creativity is both encouraged and expected.

Commitment to Educating Ministers

First Church is highly committed to Field Education. Helping develop Christian leaders is part of our mission. Several members of the TP/SC are educators; all of them believe that God is actively involved in the Field Education process, helping to shape and develop future pastors through the experience. We value formal seminary education, but we also know that Christian ministry is highly relational and experiential. We use a wide variety of personal interaction opportunities to help Seminary Interns explore the totality of pastoral ministry. Seminary Interns leave First Church with increased confidence, solid competence, and well-honed communication skills. They often express the fact that they experienced significant spiritual growth in their time with us. First Church has a history of helping Seminary Interns develop into truly vibrant Christian leaders.

Special Considerations

First Church has had Seminary Interns who did not have a car. It is possible to serve First Church without a car. We are a comfortable 1 mile walk from the Red Line (Braintree Station).


In addition to the stipend, there will probably be additional income opportunity from funerals. Seminary Interns have traditionally conducted a number of funerals during the year. Additionally, there may be opportunities to earn additional income by teaching in our proposed English School (ESL).

Contact Information

Pastor and Teacher
102 Standish Avenue
(781) 974-2701

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