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First Parish Unitarian Church in Norwell
24 River Street

Site Description

The church has about 215 adult members; Sunday School enrollment of about 75. Youth group of about 10. Regular worship attendance between 90-110. Our age range is from 0 to 98, with a good representation from all generations. We include the children in 3 out of 4 of our Sunday services (on the fourth Sunday they have their own worship service), and are trying to be more intentionally intergenerational in our fellowship activities· The Town of Norwell has a population of about 10,000. Our congregation draws from Norwell, neighboring Hanover, Scituate, Hanson, Marshfield and other locations. Wonderful staff of eight, very team-oriented, mutually supportive and devoted to the church and to each other. Dynamic, highly responsible lay leadership, many charismatic personalities, extroverted, creative and risk-taking individuals with a healthy mix of cautious conservatives. We are a Welcoming Congregation. We take great pride in our history as one of the oldest congregations in the country, having been gathered in 1642 and worshiping continuously since then (during the great Unitarian controversy of the early 1800's, our congregation "went Unitarian" without any rift and without much fuss). Both our Minister and our Director of Religious Education are serious scholars of the classical Unitarian tradition,and especially of the Transcendentalist era. They have written biographies and lectured widely on Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Theodore Parker and James Freeman Clarke, among others. Our church owns the James Library and Center for the Arts next door. The congregation is highly literary, musical and artistically-inclined. They are primarily "spiritual Humanist" in orientation.

Stipend Expectation

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Student Involvement

Youth Ministry:

Commitment to Educating Ministers

We hope our intern will be inspired to help us improve our youth program; particularly in the areas of spiritual practices, faith development, and religious identity development.Worship: Regular participation in planning and leading of worship will be assumed, with preaching dates to be negotiated at the beginning of the year in accordance with the student's skills. The student will be expected to prepare all worship materials in advance of Sunday's service so that they may be used as the basis of theological reflection with the supervising minister.Pastoral Care: The student might provide leadership and pastoral support for the newly-formed Caring Committee.Service and Social Justice:

Special Considerations

Our student minister will need a car and a computer with reliable e-mail access. We request that our student applicants have been a member of a Unitarian Universalist church for at least two years, and have had a year of seminary training. Please take the time to read our web site and acquaint yourself with the work of our church and our minister before you apply, as we would like to know why you think our church would be the right field education site for your own goals.**Please do not submit any application materials via e-mail!!**


First Parish Unitarian Church has a long and admirable history of helping prepare ministers for life in the parish, under the mentorship of our Minister Emeritus, Dick Fewkes. We consider ourselves a Teaching Congregation, and the church is very supportive of the current minister's efforts toward her D.Min., and of her work as an Adjunct Professor at Andover-Newton.

Contact Information

First Parish Unitarian Church
P.O. Box 152
781.659.7122 x 3

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