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Estate Gifts: Name Andover Newton in your will.

Andover Newton's future is ensured by the gifts that alumni/ae and friends make today. More and more of our donors are providing for Andover Newton in their wills. You can designate a bequest for a scholarship fund, a program, or to endow your annual gift. When revising your will, you should consult an attorney on wording your bequest to ensure that your wishes will be carried out. It is most helpful if you confer with us as well to ensure that your intentions can be fully carried out. Undesignated gifts provide Andover Newton with maximum flexibility to adapt to changing times.

Bequest provisions can be added to your existing will through a codicil or can be made when you update your will. If your estate is subject to the federal estate tax, a charitable bequest can save you a significant amount.

You should consult your attorney about the legal requirements in your state, but here is an example of language you and your attorney might include:

I give to Andover Newton Theological School, a non-profit institution of higher education located in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, the following (amount of cash, securities or other specific asset, percentage of my estate, etc.), TAX I.D. #04-2104775, to be added to and administered as part of its endowment fund. This gift may be used to further the educational objectives of Andover Newton Theological School in such a manner as the trustees of the college may direct."

If you wish to support a specific element of the school, such as scholarships or an academic department, you or your attorney should contact Institutional Advancement to discuss the designation you have in mind. As the school's needs may change over time, we recommend that any such restrictions be stated broadly, or as alternatives.

For more information, please contact:
Institutional Advancement
Andover Newton Theological School
169 Herrick Road
Newton Centre, MA 02459
(617) 831-2409

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