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Column: Jennifer Howe Peace on the Season of Hope

"As we approach Christmas Day, I’m thinking about the temptation to skip ahead to 'Comfort and Joy,'" Jennifer Howe Peace reflects in a Christmas column for Wicked Local Cambridge.

Looking back on a 2017 that in many ways seemed like the "upside down world" of the Netflix horror series Stranger Things, with hate rallies called "Free Speech Events" and "a sanction for bigotry at the highest levels," Jennifer expresses the turmoil within many this year.

However, "whenever I feel despondent... Read More

Alumni/ae Survey Results

Thank you, Andover Newton alums and Yale Divinity School UCC and ABC(USA) alums. With 317 respondents, spending on average 12 minutes on an alumni/ae survey, you dedicated more than 3,800 precious minutes to sharing your thoughts on what skills, knowledge, and attitudes are important to ministry.

Here is a sample of what we learned:

Over 80% of respondents served a church at some point in their careers.

The top five ministry skills were ranked:

Preaching Providing pastoral care to individuals Leadership amidst group... Read More
Boston Globe Reports on Future of Farwell Hall

Farwell Hall on the longtime Andover Newton campus will undergo renovations and expansion to become a memory care facility for seniors living with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of memory loss, the Boston Globe has reported.

Benchmark Senior Living's use of the existing facility for office space and a wellness center, and its construction of a 35,000 square foot building to house... Read More

In Memoriam: Benjamin Griffin

With heavy hearts, Andover Newton notes the passing of Ben Griffin ('65). Ben served as President of Andover Newton from 1995-2004.

President Martin Copenhaver writes, “Ben loved Andover Newton with all his heart. One of the hallmarks of his presidency was his encouragement of interfaith engagement, which led to Andover Newton becoming a recognized leader in the field. On a personal level, I will always be grateful to Ben for inviting me to become a trustee, which changed my life. I join the entire Andover Newton community in... Read More

In Memoriam: Sylvia Ferrell-Jones

Andover Newton mourns the loss of Board of Trustees member Sylvia Ferrell-Jones, who passed away Nov. 29 after battling cancer.

Sylvia spent more than a decade as CEO of YWCA Boston, leading a transition to focus the group's efforts on addressing the results of racial disparities in America. A former real estate financier, she spent... Read More

Andover Newton Settles in at YDS

The Yale Daily News has published an article (Nov. 7, 2017), looking in on the transition process as Andover Newton Seminary becomes a part of the Yale Divinity School community. The article includes remarks from President Martin B. Copenhaver, Dean Sarah B. Drummond, and Alumni/ae Officer Ned Parker.

In this second year of affiliation, the formal educational model for Andover Newton at Yale is being developed. “The end result [will be] a person who can think like a minister and create the church of the future,” Drummond said. “... Read More

Peace to Consult with YDS on Interfaith Engagement

Beginning with a preliminary consultation November 27-28, and then on a continuous basis, Professor Jennifer Howe Peace will consult with the Yale Divinity School Dean and faculty -- including her colleagues from Andover Newton Seminary -- in considering future directions for interfaith education at YDS.

Prof. Peace co-founded the American Academy of Religion’s Association for Interreligious/Interfaith Studies (AIIS). She co-edited... Read More

Andover Newton, Museum Complete Transfer of Collection

Dear Members of the Andover Newton Community,

Today (Sept. 21, 2017), in the attached joint statement with the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM), we announce that Andover Newton is transferring the ownership of our collections, housed at the PEM since 1976, to the museum.

This is an excellent outcome for both institutions. The school’s reasons for making this gift of our collection are the same reasons that prompted us to house our collection at the PEM in the first place — we are a school, not a museum, and so we are not equipped... Read More

Jonathan Edwards' Papers Reunited After 150 Years

The New Haven Register has published an article (Monday, Sept. 18, 2017) about the joining of Andover Newton and Yale Divinity Schools' libraries. One implication of the transition is that the papers of pioneering 18th-century minister Jonathan Edwards will be reunited under one roof for the first time in 150 years.

“This represents the beginning of what will be a really fruitful partnership between Andover Newton and Yale... Read More

Jim Sherblom Publishes New Book

The Rev. Dr. Jim Sherblom, former chair of the Andover Newton Board of Trustees and Andover Newton alumnus, has a new book coming out in September: Spiritual Audacity: Six Disciplines of Spiritual Flourishing. Listen to Jim talk about his life and writing in this recent interview.

If you would like to hear Jim read from... Read More

Christian Ethicists Condemn White Supremacy

More than 700 concerned Christian ethicists and theologians have signed a letter released Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, "condemning white supremacy, racism, neo-Nazi ideals, and xenophobic principles as sin against God," as reported by Sojourners. The statement was released in the wake of recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and elsewhere in the country. The statement, co-authored by Andover Newton Associate Professor of... Read More

Copenhaver, Other UCC Seminary Presidents Condemn Racism

In an exceptional show of solidarity, theologians and spiritual leaders of the United Church of Christ's seven seminaries -- including Andover Newton's Martin B. Copenhaver -- and their colleagues are uniting as signatories on this call to action, denouncing "the profound moral evil of white supremacy" and urging all Christians to make concrete change to end the benefit of white privilege.

As theological educators related to the United Church of Christ, we are united in the declaration that we reject white supremacy as a profound... Read More

Wanted: Adult Bible Study Leaders

Pastors and Lay Leaders, is your church looking for an Adult Bible Study program for the fall? If so, perhaps you would be interested in participating in a focus group to evaluate the Yale Bible Study Project.

Developed from a partnership between Yale Divinity School and the Congregational Church of New Canaan, CT, the Yale Bible Study Project is a small-group Bible Study program that provides videos and study materials to facilitate learning and biblical engagement. The program is free for use... Read More

The Name: Returning to Something New

A new name harkens us back to the past and calls us forward into the future.

The formal agreement between Andover Newton Theological School and Yale Divinity School involves a change in Andover Newton’s name. In its Yale incarnation, the school will be known as Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School, which signals both continuity with the past and a fresh beginning.

Andover Newton will remain in operation as a Massachusetts school for the immediate future so that current students can complete their studies during... Read More

Andover Newton, YDS Finalize Affiliation

Dear friends,

For two years, Andover Newton Theological School and Yale Divinity School have been working diligently on a formal affiliation between our two schools. We can now celebrate the fruits of these efforts.

Today, July 20, 2017, leaders of our two institutions signed a historic agreement to begin a new era of theological education on Sterling Divinity Quadrangle in New Haven, where the distinct mission and identity of Andover Newton have already been embraced and will now be advanced for decades to come, and where... Read More

School Completes Initial Outreach on Native Artifacts

July 12, 2017

Grace and peace to you from Andover Newton Theological School.

We write today in an effort to continue to keep the public, and especially the Andover Newton community, updated on our efforts to repatriate sacred objects from our collection at the Peabody Essex Museum to the descendants of their rightful owners. This is part of our ongoing commitment to the proper treatment of Native American, Native Alaskan, and Native Hawaiian objects and an expression of our respect for the cultures from which they come and... Read More

Andover Newton's Campus Changes Hands

Today (6.29.17), Andover Newton Theological School took the final steps toward selling its Newton Center campus to a well-regarded foundation that intends to use the site for educational purposes.

In 2017-18, Andover Newton will rent the Franklin Trask Library building, located on the northern end of the Andover Newton quadrangle, from the campus’ buyer. All teaching will take place in Trask, while that facility continues to serve as the Andover Newton library. The buyer has extended the invitation to students to remain in their... Read More

Andover Newton Reaches Out to Native American Groups

Grace and peace to you from Andover Newton Theological School.

We write today in an effort to keep the public, and especially the Andover Newton community, updated on our efforts to repatriate sacred objects from our collection at the Peabody Essex Museum to the descendants of their rightful owners. This is part of our ongoing commitment to the proper treatment of Native American, Native Alaskan, and Native Hawaiian objects and an expression of our respect for the cultures from which they come and to which we seek to return these... Read More

Prayers of Godspeed & Thanks

A sacred moment was shared at Andover Newton on May 20, a few hours before Spring Commencement, when the community offered a blessing of Adam Hearlson and a decommissioning service for Wilson Chapel. Community members offered memories. Tears were shed, and laughter was abundant.

Visit Andover Newton Theological School on Facebook to see a gallery of photos from that day... Read More

Students Honored in Commencement Season

Andover Newton Theological School held its spring commencement on Saturday, May 20, at First Baptist Church in Newton. The following students received special honors at the ceremony:

Russell Chase Tuck Biblical Studies Award: BRENT GUNDLAH Andover Newton Award for Excellence in Biblical Studies: JANE BEEBE H. Otheman Smith Community Congregational Church Preaching Award: CASEY GUET Herbert Gezork Social Ethics Award: DAVID KEGLER Mass. Bible Society Award for Excellence in the Public Reading of Scripture: PATRICK JACKSON R. Dean... Read More
President Copenhaver Responds to NYT Article

May 10, 2017

Dear Members of the Andover Newton Community,

There continues to be media interest in our work to return Native American objects in the Andover Newton collection to the rightful owners under federal laws. So I want to take this opportunity to update you on our progress on that project, particularly in light of today’s New York Times story on the subject.

The story focuses on efforts by institutions such as ours to comply with the law and uses Andover Newton as an example of the challenges faced... Read More

Alumnus Jeffrey Brown in Boston Globe

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Andover Newton alumnus the Rev. Jeffrey Brown (MDiv '87) wrote a compelling piece about their perspective on immigration for The Boston Globe, published May 8, 2017, under the headline "Boston won't turn its police officers into ICE agents."

An excerpt:

"When we walk together, we listen better. We understand each other more completely. Every step we... Read More

A Time to Speak Out

We do not yet know if President Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven largely Muslim countries will be deemed legal. We do not need to wait, however, to declare it immoral and worthy of our outrage. The three “Abrahamic” faiths, including Islam, all include the mandate to welcome the stranger. This passage from Deuteronomy is but one example: “The Lord defends the rights of orphans and widows. He cares for foreigners and gives them food and clothing. And you should also care for them, because you were foreigners in Egypt” (... Read More

Crossing Borders: Myanmar

Take off your shoes … Whether it was a rickety bamboo platform shelter in the midst of a Yangon slum, the stunning grounds of the golden Shwegadon Pagoda, the quiet hall where we spent days in meditation, or the platform of the Baptist church where we worshipped, this simple gesture of respect was a common entry ritual. It became second nature for the 11 Andover Newton students, faculty, and staff who voyaged to Myanmar in January on a Border Crossing seminar. The thresholds crossed carried us into Buddhist monasteries and... Read More

Meet Ned Allyn Parker
Rev. Dr. Ned Allyn Parker received his BA from Hampshire College, his MDiv from Andover Newton (’10), and his DMin from Seattle University. The title of his doctoral project was Preaching to Belong: The Practice of Narrative Preaching as an Indicator of Authenticity in the Postmodern Church.   He comes to Andover Newton @ Yale from Seattle, Washington, where he was one of the pastors at Seattle First Baptist Church in the downtown neighborhood of First Hill. During his time at SFBC, he worked... Read More
Hearlsons to Move On at End of Academic Year

Andover Newton Theological School’s Dean Sarah Drummond has announced that Adam and Christy Hearlson, two cherished educators at Andover Newton, will move to Philadelphia at the close of the 2016-17 academic year. Sarah expressed excitement for the new opportunities Christy and Adam will pursue but also sadness over how much the family will be missed at Andover Newton.

The Rev. Dr. Christiane Lang Hearlson, Director of Academic Advising and Assessment and Instructor in Practical Theology, has accepted the position of Assistant... Read More

Lead Time Blog: "An Antidote to Anxiety"

Lead Time is a blog, curated by President Martin B. Copenhaver, chronicling this time of change in the life of Andover Newton.

In the latest installment,... Read More

Blog: "Crucial Conversations Are (Exhausting and) Worth It"

Lead Time is a blog, curated by President Martin B. Copenhaver, chronicling this time of change in the life of Andover Newton.

The second installment of "Leadership Lessons, One Year Later: A Lead... Read More

Lead Time: "Self-Differentiation Stinks"

Lead Time is a blog, curated by President Martin B. Copenhaver, chronicling this time of change in the life of Andover Newton.

The first installment of "Leadership Lessons, One Year Later: A Lead Time Reflection in Three Parts" has been published Nov. 17 by Dean Sarah B. Drummond under the eye-catching title "Self-Differentiation Stinks."

... Read More

Support Andover Newton on #GivingTuesday

Andover Newton is participating in #GivingTuesday again this year, and our focus will be on raising dollars to support increased (we hope!) financial aid for students next year. We know that our students who will be wrapping up their academic programs next year will be under particular stressors, so every little bit of help we can supply is important.

We encourage you to let friends, family, and churches know about it. We’ll be on Facebook, Twitter, and email from now through #GivingTuesday (Nov. 29, the day after #CyberMonday), ... Read More

Welcome Rev. Dr. Parker To AN@YDS

It gives me great joy to announce that the Reverend Dr. Ned Allyn Parker (Andover Newton M.Div., Class of 2010) has been appointed Development and Alumni/ae Officer of Andover Newton at Yale. He begins on February 6, 2017 and will be based in New Haven, Connecticut.

Rev. Dr. Parker, an ordained minister in the American Baptist Churches (USA), brings a unique combination of gifts and relevant experience to this new role, as well as a deep devotion to Andover Newton. Speaking personally, I am very excited about all that Ned will bring... Read More

Announcement Regarding Sale of Campus

October 7, 2016

Dear Friends of Andover Newton,

Grace and peace to you in the various settings in which you serve.

Here is an announcement regarding the sale of our campus:

Andover Newton Theological School has reached an agreement with a respected foundation to purchase its historic property in Newton Centre. The foundation has deep ties to the region and a longstanding commitment to education and, while the foundation is not prepared at present to announce its full plans for the property... Read More

Fall 2016 Reunion Speakers - Session 3

Registration continues until midday Monday, Sept. 12, for the Andover Newton Fall Reunion, Sept. 22-24.

Believing that the true legacy of the Hill is less about place and more about people, the Reunion Committee has invited several alumni/ae or other ANTS-associated individuals to offer short reflections and dialogue on a topic of their interest and expertise on Friday. This is a great way to see how colleagues have lived out... Read More

Fall 2016 Reunion Speakers - Session 2

Registration continues until midday Monday, Sept. 12, for the Andover Newton Fall Reunion, Sept. 22-24.

Believing that the true legacy of the Hill is less about place and more about people, the Reunion Committee has invited several alumni/ae or other ANTS-associated individuals to offer short reflections and dialogue on a topic of their interest and expertise on Friday. This is a great way to see how colleagues have lived out... Read More

Fall 2016 Reunion Speakers - Session 1

Registration continues until midday Monday, Sept. 12, for the Andover Newton Fall Reunion, Sept. 22-24.

Believing that the true legacy of the Hill is less about place and more about people, the Reunion Committee has invited several alumni/ae or other ANTS-associated individuals to offer short reflections and dialogue on a topic of their interest and expertise on Friday. This is a great way to see how colleagues have lived out... Read More

Sept. 22: Conference on Faith, Science, & Healing

Join us Thursday, Sept. 22, for a one-day conference designed as the capstone to Andover Newton's participation in the pilot "Science for Seminaries" program, funded through the generous support of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Click names to read brief biographies of the day's speakers:

... Read More
A Time for Lament and Action

President Martin B. Copenhaver addresses the killings of Texas police and African-American men in Louisiana and Minnesota:

Dear Friends,

I come to you with a heavy heart as -- again, again, and yet again -- we are confronted with images of senseless violence that are shaking the very foundations of this country. The psalmist’s cry is my own: “My heart is in anguish. How long, O Lord? How long?” (Psalm 6:3).

Alton Sterling... Read More

Lead Time blog: Overheard at ATS

Andover Newton President the Rev. Martin B. Copenhaver writes in the latest "Lead Time" blog entry about the way Andover Newton's bold new direction was the talk of the town at the recent meeting of the Association of Theological Schools.

The piece is titled "Yes, and ... Exhilirating" and explores the excitement that comes with taking the step out of old ways of business that were no longer working.... Read More

Andover Newton President on 6/25 Episode of "State of Belief"

President Martin B. Copenhaver discussed religion's role in addressing gun violence on the June 25 episode of State of Belief.

The Rev. Copenhaver was interviewed by the show's host, the Rev. Welton Gaddy, about the school's October 2015 summit on "Subverting the Gospel of Guns" and the recent congressional steps toward gun reforms in the wake of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in... Read More

New Lead Time Blog Entry: "Brandover Newton"

The Rev. Dr. Sarah Drummond, our Academic Dean, and Associate Professor of Ministerial Leadership, has written a new entry in the "Lead Time" blog looking at Andover Newton's collaboration with Yale Divinity School in context of the recent Brexit vote in the U.K. and the upcoming Independence Day holiday.

It's titled "Brandover Newton" and is a thoughtful examination of what independence and freedom mean... Read More

Huffington Post Spotlights Alumni Couple and Son

The Huffington Post tells the touching story of how two Andover Newton alumni came to adopt their son.

The Rev. Kevin Baker-Rooks (MDiv '10) and the Rev. Bruce Baker-Rooks (MDiv '13) were interviewed for a feature story appearing June 24, 2016, in the online news portal's "Queer Voices" section as part of a longer series titled "Let Love Define Family."

Kevin and Bruce are both ministers in the Christian Church (... Read More

In Memory of the Rev. Jena Roy (MDiv '13)

Andover Newton is sad to announce the passing of recent alumna The Rev. Jennifer “Jena” Roy (MDiv ’13) of Winchester, Massachusetts.

Jena was an ordained United Church of Christ minister serving as a chaplain for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where she supported patients, families, and staff in the intensive care units. Jena graduated with honors in 2013 and was inducted into the school’s... Read More

Statement on Orlando Club Shooting

"There's blood everywhere," Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said.

Yes, the blood is everywhere as the Andover Newton community joins hands with the human family in mourning the atrocious massacre in Orlando, Florida, early this morning (Sunday, June 12).

This senseless act of violence at Pulse, a nightclub known as a safe and joyful place for the LGBT community -- already deemed as the deadliest mass shooting in US history -- hits us where we at Andover Newton live. We welcome and affirm those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual... Read More

Dean Announces a Promotion and a New Appointment

Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs Sarah B. Drummond is pleased to announce two new appointees will support Andover Newton’s educational mission in the year to come.

The Rev. Dr. Susan Suchocki-Brown will become the Director of Ministry Studies, succeeding Prof. Lorena Parrish, who will leave Andover Newton to take up a named chair in a sister seminary. Currently the Associate Director, Susan is deeply familiar with Andover Newton in that she has earned both a... Read More

One Faculty, Two Locations, and Much Change Afoot

As you might have read last week, Andover Newton is pursuing an affiliation with Yale Divinity School, starting with a “Visiting Year” in 2016-17. Professors Mark Heim, Gregory Mobley, and Benjamin Valentin will be in-residence at YDS, as will Dean Sarah Drummond. The four will work together -- in close collaboration with... Read More

Remembering Dr. William Holladay

Dear Friends of Andover Newton,

We have received the news that William L. (Bill) Holladay, the Samuel Edgar Lowry Professor of Old Testament, Emeritus at Andover Newton, died over the weekend. He will be remembered with great appreciation and affection by Andover Newton faculty, alumni/ae, and others who have been part of the wider Andover Newton community.

Former Professor Mary Luti offered this tribute:

Bill Holladay was a giant -- a renowned scholar of the Old Testament, a challenging teacher, a generous and... Read More

Andover Newton, Yale Divinity School Announce Partnership

Andover Newton Theological School and Yale Divinity School have announced on Monday, May 2, 2016, a two-phase plan to move toward a formal affiliation. The full letter to the Andover Newton community follows.

Dear Andover Newton Community,

It is with hope and faith that we announce that the Andover Newton Theological School leadership will proceed toward a formal affiliation with Yale Divinity School in a two-phase arrangement planned to begin in the 2016-17 academic year and, if negotiations continue to be successful, be... Read More

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright Event Postponed to Later Date

The Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright event planned for tonight, March 9, has been postponed to a later date. Please hold Rev. Dr. Wright in your prayers, as he is ill. We also would appreciate you notifying any friends or churches that may not see this message. Please stay tuned for information about a new date and time for this event.

In Memorium: Meredith "Jerry" Handspicker

Dear Friends of Andover Newton,

I am sorry to inform you that beloved long-time faculty member, Dr. Meredith “Jerry” Handspicker, died earlier this week.  He is remembered with great appreciation and affection by Andover Newton faculty, alumni/ae, and others who have been part of the wider Andover Newton community. 

Professor Mark Heim offered this tribute:  “Jerry Handspicker was an extraordinary colleague.  He reveled in his reputation as a “utility infielder” who... Read More

Remembering Dr. Max L. Stackhouse, 1935-2016

The Rev. Dr. Max L. Stackhouse passed away at the age of 80 at his home in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, on Saturday, January 30. After graduating from DePauw University and Harvard Divinity School, Dr. Stackhouse was ordained by the United Church of Christ and went on to be internationally recognized as a theologian in the field of Christian social ethics. After early involvement in the civil rights movement, he pioneered work in public theology, economics, globalization, and ecclesiastical concerns. Dr. Stackhouse’s... Read More

Dean Drummond Gives Invocation at Statehouse

Andover Newton Theological School is proud to have played a part in Gov. Charlie Baker's first State of the Commonwealth Address. Dr. Sarah B. Drummond, Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs & Associate Professor of Ministerial Leadership, delivered the invocation on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016, at the Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston.

The prepared text of Dean Drummond's invocation is below:

Holy One, we call you by many names and seek you... Read More

Andover Newton: A Time of Change FAQ's

Dear Andover Newton Community,

Grace and peace to you in this New Year.  

Below is information that responds to frequently asked questions about Andover Newton's bold new direction. It also includes news about where we are in our planning process. 

We are committed to keeping you informed about the latest developments regarding our beloved school.

In faith,
Martin Copenhaver


Is Andover Newton closing?

No.  Although we will not be able to continue as we have in the past, we are... Read More

"Lead Time" Blog Chronicles Time of Transition

President Martin B. Copenhaver is editing a new blog, "Lead Time," chronicling the life of Andover Newton Theological School in this time of historic change. The first entry sees President Copenhaver thinking about how we react to change and loss and new opportunities.

The blog is written using the platform, which allows readers to easily Follow a blog and receive updates through Facebook, Twitter, or email and to easily share content with others.

Repatriation Process for Native American Artifacts Has Begun

The following letter was released to the Andover Newton community on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015, regarding the school's efforts to repatriate Native American artifacts given to the school in the 1800s and early 1900s.

Dear Andover Newton Community,

Many of you have raised questions about recent publicity regarding the Native American collection Andover Newton has at the Peabody Essex Museum. As the school’s point person on repatriation efforts, I hope I can clarify the misinformation that has been published so that you have a... Read More

Webinar for Alumni/ae on New Direction of Andover Newton

Andover Newton alumni/ae are invited to participate in a webinar about the new direction of the school. The session will be held Tuesday, Dec. 8, at 4 p.m. EST and will last about one hour.

Register online. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

For more information, please contact Ruth Edens by email or call (617) 831-2409.

President's Statement After Attacks in Beirut & Paris

Andover Newton President the Rev. Martin B. Copenhaver has issued the following statement in the wake of terrorist bombings in Paris, France:

Dear Friends,

At Andover Newton we join with people of faith of every tradition in denouncing the recent outbreaks of terrorism in Paris, Beirut and other parts of the world. We grieve the needless loss of life and the hatred that caused it. Recent events remind us that religion is a force of such power that it can be used to rationalize violence. We also affirm, however, that religion... Read More

A Bold New Direction for Andover Newton

Today, Andover Newton leadership and trustees shared with the community its plans to move in a bold new direction to ensure the school’s 208-year commitment to our work and mission continue to thrive. This plan will include either significantly narrowing the school’s focus or embedding with a similar institution such as Yale Divinity School. While discussions are ongoing, we believe these options offer Andover Newton the best opportunity to fulfill its mission in new, creative ways.

The letter, sent to alumni/ae, donors, trustees,... Read More

After the Summit: Next Steps to Stop Gun Violence

We thank the attendees and panelists at Subverting the Gospel of Guns, our Oct. 22-23 gathering to address the epidemic of gun violence in America. An ongoing theme, which was visible through Twitter... Read More

Mary Peck, a good and faithful servant

The entire Andover Newton community is saddened at the passing of Mary Peck, on October 27, 2015. Beloved wife of former president Rev. George Peck and dedicated member of the community, Mary was committed to the mission of the church. Those of us who were touched by her - and there are tens of thousands of us! - will miss her deeply. If ever someone deserved the honored adage 'well done thy good and faithful servant' it is this gentle soul. 

Professor Mark Heim shares a special remembrance of Mary’s time at Andover Newton:

Mary... Read More

Andover Newton Pursues Repatriation Effort

October 5, 2015

Dear Members of the Andover Newton Community,

A few stories have appeared in news outlets in the last several weeks regarding artifacts owned by Andover Newton that are currently housed at the Peabody Essex Museum.  Since some of those stories have included misinformation or a lack of current information, I am writing to clarify the matter.

For several decades the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem, Massachusetts has housed Andover Newton’s collection of artifacts, which consists of more than 1,100... Read More

Alumna a Finalist in Forbes Competition

The  Rev. Heather Concannon (MDiv '13), 27, and the Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen, 28, both Boston-area Unitarian Universalist ministers, are finalists in the prestigious Forbes Under 30 $1 Million Change the World Competition. As finalists, the Revs. Concannon and Nguyen are guaranteed at least $100,000; they compete this Tuesday, Oct. 6, at the two-day Forbes Under 30 Conference in Philadelphia against five other finalists. The grand prize winner receives a half-... Read More

Nov. 13 Workshop: "Tending to the Holy"

Do you sometimes feel that the daily minutiae of "doing church" takes your focus away from God? An upcoming Andover Newton workshop can help you rediscover the holy in the everyday.

Join us on Friday, Nov. 13, for "Tending to the Holy: The Practice of the Presence of God in Ministry," a daylong workshop led by the Rev. Dr. Bruce Epperly of South Congregational Church in Centerville, Massachusetts.

Registration is $75, with a discount for Andover Newton students. Participants are eligible to... Read More

Oct. 8: CIRCLE Chocolate Reception

Enjoy good chocolate and good company at CIRCLE's annual chocolate reception on Thursday, Oct. 8, from 5:15-6:15 p.m. in CIRCLE House.

This annual tradition brings together CIRCLE fellows with other students, faculty, trustees, staff, and friends of Andover Newton Theological School and Hebrew College.

And there is no admission charge!

Oct. 22-23 Summit Focuses on Gun Violence

Andover Newton Theological School will gather religious, civic, and law enforcement leaders for an urgent conversation on the epidemic of gun violence in America.

Keynote speakers are Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, and we will present the Spirit of the Hill Award to alumnus and Trustee the Rev. Jeffrey L. Brown, a co-founder of the Boston TenPoint Coalition.

Join us Oct. 22-23 for "Subverting the Gospel of Guns." And Like our... Read More

Update on Strategic Planning and Future Directions

The Andover Newton leadership has released two statements about strategic planning and future directions for the school:

1. Letter from the President and Dean of the Faculty Click here to expand or collapse this sectionDear Members of the Andover Newton Community,

Greetings to you from Andover Newton at the start of a new academic year. We send blessings upon your lives and ministries in this season.

You may recall... Read More

Feast with Friends, Support CIRCLE

Join with friends and make some new ones at two events this fall supporting CIRCLE (The Center for Interreligious and Communal Leadership Education), Andover Newton's innovative partnership with Hebrew College.

On Saturday, Sept. 26, usher in fall at the first Boston Interfaith Food Festival, presented by ... Read More


The Plan Description Brochure and the Summary Brochure for this year’s Student Health Insurance Plan (“the Plan”) can be found at

If you are registered for 9 or more credits in the fall 2016 term, you will be automatically enrolled in the Plan unless you provide proof of alternative... Read More

School Presidents Discuss MAGIL Program

Andover Newton President the Rev. Martin B. Copenhaver and Hebrew College President Rabbi Daniel L. Lehmann discuss the two schools' new collaborative degree in Global Interreligious Leadership in the latest isue of the Jounal of Interreligious Studies (JIRS).... Read More

Prof. Nimi Wariboko Appointed to Boston University Faculty

Acting Dean of Faculty Dr. Robert Pazmiño made the following announcement on Friday, Aug. 14, 2015:

"Professor Nimi Wariboko, who has faithfully and productively  served Andover Newton Theological School as the Katherine B. Stuart Professor of Christian Ethics for eight years, has just received a new appointment as the Walter G. Muelder Professor of Social Ethics at Boston University School of Theology beginning August 11, 2015.

We celebrate the... Read More

Celene Ibrahim-Lizzio Appears on "State of Belief"

Chaplain Celene Ibrahim-Lizzio, Islamic scholar-in-residence at Andover Newton Theological School and Hebrew College and co-director of CIRCLE, was a featured guest on the July 18, 2015, episode of the nationally syndicated radio show and podcast State of Belief. Guest host Rabbi Jack Moline, Executive Director... Read More

Andover Newton Welcomes Three New Trustees

NEWTON CENTRE, Mass. (July 14, 2015) – The Board of Trustees at Andover Newton Theological School voted in June to add three new members to the body. The new arrivals will begin their service on the board of America’s first seminary and first graduate school of any kind this September.

In alphabetical order, the three new board members are Tracey Armstrong, an expert in copyright law and rights management; Andover Newton alumnus the Rev. Jeffrey Brown, a nationally recognized leader in gang,... Read More

Andover Newton President Hails Marriage Equality Decision

Andover Newton President the Rev. Martin B. Copenhaver issued the following response on Friday, June 26, to the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide:

"This is a day for great celebration! Marriage equality was always the right thing to do, but now it is recognized as a fundamental right.

"A few hours ago I was at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly. In a few hours I will be at the General... Read More

Call for Prayer, Action After South Carolina Church Shooting

Dr. Nancy Nienhuis, Professor of Theology and Social Justice and Dean of Campus Life, has announced a time of prayer on the Andover Newton quad at 12:15 p.m. on Thursday, June 18, in the wake of the previous night's deadly shootings at an African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. She also issued this statement on behalf of Andover Newton Theological School:

"Most of us awoke today to the horrific news of the... Read More

Judy Swahnberg Named Lifetime Trustee

The Board of Trustees at Andover Newton Theological School voted on Wednesday, June 10, to appoint past board chair the Rev. Judith L. Swahnberg a Lifetime Trustee of the nation’s first seminary and first graduate school.

The position honors Swahnberg’s years of service and deep commitment to Andover Newton. She has served as a Trustee since 2006 and was Chair of the Board from 2010-14, helping guide the school through a period of national economic crisis that saw other similarly sized... Read More

Alumnus Gives TED Talk on Curbing Youth Violence

Andover Newton alumnus the Rev. Jeffrey Brown (MDiv '87) spoke before a global gathering of entrepreneurs, philanthropists, activists, and thinkers this spring at the TED2015 conference in Vancouver, B.C. His 18-minute talk is titled "How We Cut Youth Violence in Boston by 79 Percent:"

Jeffrey was a co-founder of the Ten Point Coalition, a faith-based project whose efforts helped bring about this reduction in youth violence through the 1990s. He served... Read More

Welcome Chris Hoklotubbe

Dean of the Faculty Sarah B. Drummond is pleased to announce that Dr. Chris Hoklotubbe (HOCK-lo-TOO-be) will join the Andover Newton Faculty in the role of Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of New Testament and Early Christian History. Chris recently completed his doctorate at Harvard Divinity School and taught there and elsewhere in the greater Boston area for more than five years. Chris’ scholarship focuses on the letters of Paul and early Christian literature of the second century, C.E. In 2014, he... Read More

Yvonne Delk, Inez Dover to Speak at Commencement

The speakers at Andover Newton Theological School's 2015 commencement include a trailblazing alumna and a well-respected teacher turned minister.

Commencement Speaker: Rev. Dr. Yvonne Delk (MARE '63)

The Rev. Dr. Yvonne Virginia Delk is a teacher, educator, preacher, executive, organizer and author. For more than 50 years, Dr. Delk has been a strong ally in the fight for human and civil rights for people of color, children, and the poor. Today, she remains a clear, prolific, and moral voice in search of justice and equality for the... Read More

Professors Dávila, Peace Granted Tenure

On Wednesday, April 22, the Andover Newton Board of Trustees approved the Faculty’s recommendation to grant tenure and promote to the rank of Associate Professor to two Andover Newton faculty members, Jennifer Howe Peace and Maria Teresa Dávila. Prof. Peace is now Associate Professor of Interfaith Studies, and Prof. Davila is now Associate Professor of Christian Ethics. Each was reviewed through a campus-wide, comprehensive process chaired by Prof. Mark Heim that... Read More

Margaret Benefiel to Lead Shalem Institute

Andover Newton congratulates Margaret Benefiel on her new appointment as Executive Director of The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation.

Dr. Benefiel has taught at Andover Newton for 18 years and is executive director of Executive Soul LLC, which offers consulting, coaching, and spiritual direction for leaders and organizations. She is a member of Beacon Hill Friends Meeting in Boston and lives in Boston with her husband.

Shalem provides a variety... Read More

Copenhaver Op-Ed: Death Penalty Is Unjust
Note: The following is the original, uncut version of an op-ed submitted by President Martin B. Copenhaver to the Boston Globe in early May 2015.

Now that the courts are in the sentencing phase of the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, it is not only the terrorist who is on trial, but also the death penalty.

No one has been executed in Massachusetts since 1947 and the death penalty was officially abolished in our state in 1984. Tsarnaev is being tried for a federal crime, however — the crime of using “weapons of mass destruction” — so the... Read More

Welcome Lorena M. Parrish

(NEWTON CENTRE, Mass., April 22, 2015) -- On behalf of the Andover Newton Trustees and Faculty, Dean Sarah B. Drummond is pleased to announce the appointment of the Rev. Dr. Lorena M. Parrish as Director of Ministry Studies and Assistant Professor of Theology and Practice. After a rigorous process of discernment and visioning, national search, and campus-wide consultation, Dr. Parrish emerged as the candidate the Andover Newton community believed best suited to lead the School in deeply rooted, radically open directions in ministerial... Read More

Andover Newton Announces 3rd Named CIRCLE Fellowship

Andover Newton Theological School has secured funding to endow in perpetuity the third of 12 CIRCLE student fellowships, part of a bold new fundraising effort to fully endow the interreligious fellowship program run in partnership with neighboring Hebrew College.

The Rev. Dr. Katherine Kallis, MDiv ’82, has donated $40,000 to endow a fellowship in the name of her “Palestinian daughter,” Dr. Amal Jadou, through the Center for Inter-Religious and Communal Leadership Education (CIRCLE), a joint center operated by... Read More

Senior Chapel, Baccalaureate and Commencement Information

It’s hard to believe that Commencement activities are approaching fast. Here is the basic information about dates and times for graduating seniors and for others in the community who might wish to attend:

Wednesday, May 6: Senior Chapel — Please come and help celebrate the seniors! Friday, May 15: Baccalaureate at 7 p.m. at The Union Church in Waban (see... Read More
Response to 'A Call for Racial Justice'

We have been invited by African American Deans and Presidents in theological education to endorse an open letter they wrote decrying the ongoing lack of justice that black Americans face, examples of which have been occurring with ever greater frequency. At Andover Newton Theological school we wholeheartedly endorse their call to action, and recommit ourselves to doing all we can to radically embody the love of God... Read More

David Clark Receives Hancock Lilly MDiv Fellowship

Andover Newton Theological School and Hancock United Church of Christ (Lexington, MA) are pleased to announce the selection of first-year MDiv student David C. Clark as the Hancock Lilly Fellowship recipient starting in fall 2015. The original sign-up information is presented below; look for more information about the 2016 award in coming months, and congratulations, David!

(Original appeal for applicants:)

Educational credentials. Parish ministry experience. Scholarship support. Gainful employment.

You can have them... Read More

Andover Newton Again Named Among ‘Seminaries That Change the World’

The Center for Faith and Service has named Andover Newton as one of its "Seminaries That Change the World" for a second consecutive year. Andover Newton was among the inaugural class of honorees in 2014 and is honored to remain on the list.

"The very title, 'Seminaries that Change the World,' is a provocative reminder of what theological education has meant in the past and what its purpose and promise is for the future," the Rev. Wayne Meisel, executive director of the Center for Faith and Service at McCormick Theological Seminary... Read More

Deeply Rooted Radically Open Gala

Please join us in celebration of our deeply-rooted history and our openness to God’s great possibilities for Andover Newton. Help make our mission a reality:
“Deeply rooted in Christian faith, and radically open to what God is doing now, Andover Newton educates inspiring leaders for the 21st century.”
The evening will include cocktails, silent auction, dinner, and dancing. We hope you will celebrate with us!
* $150 per person
* $1,500 per table (seats 10)  
RSVP by... Read More

Faculty Transitions (2015-16)

In the months to come, Andover Newton will say goodbye to two members of the faculty and welcome two new educators.

After serving Andover Newton in various capacities for 13 years, Jeffrey D. Jones (Alumnus MDiv, DMin) will retire this summer. A search is under way for a new Director of Ministry Studies and tenure-track member of the faculty that will bring candidates to campus in March.

Also this summer, Simon Lee will depart Andover Newton after seven years of teaching New Testament and Early Christian Origins. Next year,... Read More

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