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Lenten Devotional: Tuesday, February 20
"Already and Not Yet" - Andover Newton's Lenten Devotional Series

"Already and Not Yet" is the 2018 Lenten Daily Devotional written by members of the Andover Newton community, which is also being shared at Facebook and on Twitter. Future posts here will include links to all the previous entries for easy browsing to any you might have missed or might want to revisit.

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018
“The Nurselog” – Mindi Welton-Mitchell (ANTS MDiv '02)

The tree died a long time ago;
Snapped in half during a storm, burned from lightning,
Or perhaps felled from old age --
The process of decay began before I was born.

Out of the stump new shoots came to be.
Water and light pushed and pulled them forth,
Though the tree underneath continued to decompose,
The roots overtook, overgrew, found their way to the soil.

As their trunks grew, and grew, and grew --
Leafy evergreen boughs burst out,
Soaking in light and rain, 
All the time growing from the death beneath.

The body was in the tomb three days,
Already dead, already decomposing --
Growing from the death beneath 
To life.

Mindi Welton-Mitchell (MDiv ’02) is the pastor of Queen Anne Baptist Church in Seattle, WA.

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