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Interlibrary Loan FAQ


Interlibrary Loans: FAQ's

What is ILL?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) assists scholarly research by obtaining library materials unavailable at the Franklin Trask Library. ILL locates needed materials in other libraries, borrows books and microforms and obtains photocopied material on behalf of eligible Trask patrons.
We are only able to obtain material that we do NOT have in our collection. We cannot submit an ILL request for you if you want a book in our collection that has been checked out by someone else.

Who is eligible?

ILL service is available to current Andover Newton Theological School faculty, staff, students, alumni/ae, and ministers in vicinity as an aid to research and study. Individuals who teach at or attend other institutions are NOT eligible for ILL service at Trask. No more than four interlibrary loan books may be checked out at the same time.

How do I request an ILL book?

Forms are available at the Circulation Desk, or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

How long will it take?

It may take a few days, a couple of weeks and, occasionally, a few months to receive materials, depending on location and availability. Because ILL cannot predict the location or availability of an item, we cannot guarantee that material   will be received within a specified time period. Borrowers are encouraged to submit ILL requests well in advance of deadlines, and to request status updates at regular intervals.

How will I be notified?

A staff person will contact you by phone or email. In the event we cannot contact you by phone we will send you a notification that your material is available.

Length & condition of loan?

Many major college and university libraries now charge for interlibrary loan service. We will make every effort to obtain materials from libraries that charge no ILL fee. Many libraries require that ILL materials be used in the Library building. These restrictions placed by the lending library must be honored.