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Policies and Procedures


Trask Library: Policies and Procedures

Borrowing Privileges
Borrowing privileges are extended to faculty, students and staff of Andover Newton, to faculty and students of Boston Theological Institute schools, and to local ministers of American Baptist, Unitarian Universalist Association, and United Church of Christ churches. Graduates of the School who live within commuting distance can also borrow books. Other local ministers engaged in full-time professional service may also be eligible for library privileges. For information about requirements and fees, please call the Library or ask at the Circulation Desk. Faculty and students from other institutions, as well as local residents, are welcome to use the Library for reading and research without borrowing privileges.

An explicit condition of use is an agreement to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Library. Borrowing and access privileges may be restricted or revoked for serious or repeated infractions.


Library Cards
All borrowers of Library materials are required to have a valid Andover Newton ID or Trask Library Special User card. Cards are normally issued for one academic year.


General Loan Policies
Books from the regular collection circulate for 4 weeks. Books may be renewed if another patron has not requested use of the material. ANTS students may check out up to 50 books at a time. Others are limited to 10 books at a time. Andover Newton students who are writing a thesis or a D. Min. project are eligible for extended loan privileges. Please ask at the Circulation Desk for information regarding this borrowing privilege.

Books may be recalled after the first loan period. Books required for Reserves may be recalled at any time. A fine of $1.00 a day is charged if the book is not returned within 10 days. Failure to return recalled books promptly may result in loss of library privileges.

Books can be renewed in the online catalog, by clicking on the My Account tab and selecting the Renew My Materials option. Please note that after the third renewal, the book must be returned to the Library before an additional renewal is given. Books also can be renewed over the phone by calling the circulation desk at (617) 831-2415.


Reserve Books
Course reserve shelves are arranged alphabetically by title and are located at the circulation desk.

3-Hour materials are due at the end of 3 hours, or, if checked out within 3 hours of closing time are due within one hour the next day that the library is open.

7-Day Books are due within one hour of opening on the date stamped on the book. Books assigned a 7-Day Loan period may be recalled after the first loan period. If a book is not returned within 3 days of the recall, a fine of $0.25 per hour will be charged.

A "hold" may be placed in advance for any book on reserve (limit of 2). If the book is not claimed within 15 minutes for a 3-hour book or within 24 hours for a 7-Day book, the request will be canceled. Reserve books may be renewed by phone if there is not "hold" pending.


Thesis Writer Loans
Andover Newton students who are writing a thesis or D. Min. project are eligible for extended loan privileges. Please ask at the Circulation Desk for information regarding this borrowing privilege.


Reference Services and InterLibrary Loans
Trask Library offers reference assistance in using the online catalog, standard reference works, and other general resources for theological scholarship. Group and individual orientation tours of the Library are available For information about these services, contact Circulation Desk staff. ATLA Religion database and ATLAS (has indexing as well as full text of selected journals in religion and theology), CPLI (Catholic Literature and Periodical Index), OTA (Old Testament Abstracts), NTA (New Testament Abstracts), and EBSCO's Religion and Philosophy Collection (full text of journals) are available at the Library website to ANTS students and faculty. Call or stop by the Library Desk for password information.

Individual tutorials are available for the library catalog or any of the reference databases. Each tutorial discusses the most efficient ways to use the tool. They are tailored to each individual, providing guidance for the neophyte and introducing advanced skills for the more proficient user. Library users can sign up for one of these tutorials at the circulation desk.

Materials that the Library does not own may often be borrowed from another library. Patrons can request these materials by filling out an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) form located at the Library Circulation Desk, providing a complete citation including the source or reference for the item. Requests can also be made online through the form provided on the Library's webpage. Requests usually take from 5 to 7 days to fill. Many major colleges and universities now charge for interlibrary service. We will make every effort to obtain materials from libraries that charge no ILL fee. Many libraries require that InterLibrary Loan materials be used in the Library building. These restrictions placed by the lending library must be honored.

Photocopies of periodical articles may be requested through InterLibrary Loan. Often these can be obtained at no charge or for a small fee. Payment must be made upon receipt of the photocopies.


Returning Materials
Library items are to be returned to the Circulation Desk or to the tan outdoor book return at the ground level entrance door when the library is closed. Patrons are responsible for damaged or lost books returned any other place.


Non-circulating Materials
The following categories of library material may not be checked out:
  • periodicals
  • books with publication date before 1876
  • stack books restricted to library use
  • books in Reference Collection
  • items in Special Collections
  • Andover Newton theses before 1953
  • microforms

Fines and Replacement Fees
The fine for overdue books is 25 cents per day per book. A reminder overdue notice may be sent after a week and again after two weeks. After 4 weeks, the borrower will be charged the replacement price of the book, plus a $20.00 processing fee, plus accumulated overdue fines.

The fine for any overdue reserve book is 25 cents per hour per book. After 1 week, the borrower will be charged the replacement price of the book, plus a $20.00 processing fee, plus accumulated fines. Unpaid bills are submitted to the Business Office for collection. Library privileges, including use of Reserve Books, are rescinded until materials are returned or a receipt of payment is shown. If the book is returned, all charges except the fines will be dropped. Frequent overdues or book losses may result in the rescinding of library privileges.


Gifts Policy
Franklin Trask Library is appreciative of the gifts and donations that it has received over the years. Items in the areas of religion and theology are especially welcome. Because of the number of gift items which are offered to the Library, certain guidelines have been established:

    1. Donated books and other library materials are evaluted by the same standards applied to purchased resources to assure their relevance to the collection. They are therefore accepted with the understanding that any item which the library does not wish to add because of inappropriateness of subject matter, condition, or duplication, may be sold, offered to other libraries, or disposed of.
    2. The Library reserves the right to decline gift collections which cannot reasonably handled dure to limitations of storage facilities and/or personnel. The Library also reserves the right to decline gifts when the physical condition does not allow for normal library use or resale.
    3. Please contact the library before bringing in gift collections.
    4. Due to federal tax laws, libraries are not permitted to assign a monetary value to any gifts they receive. Any appraisal must be done before the gift is received into the Library. The Library will, however, acknowledge each gift with a letter specifying the total number of items of each type.


Theft or Defacement of Library Materials
Effective September 1990, Massachusetts State Law makes theft or mutilation of library materials or property a crime. Any person who willfully:
  1. Conceals and/or removes any library materials or property from the premises without authority; or
  2. Fails to return any library materials or property which have been lent to said person by the library within 30 days after demand for return has been made; or
  3. Uses false identification or a fictitious name; misuses another person's library card, uses a revoked, expired or canceled library card or uses a falsely made library card to borrow library materials or property; or
  4. Alters or destroys library ownership, electronic catalog records; or
  5. Mutilates, destroys or otherwise damages, in whole or in part, any library materials or property;

May be punished upon conviction by imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $25,000 and required to make full restitution. Users are expected to treat library materials with special care since they ordinarily must serve generations of scholars. Marking in books, cutting or bending pages, or breaking the backs of books to flatten them on a copy machine are all regarded as defacement of Library property. Persons who are found to be abusing materials will be charged for the costs of repair and/or replacement, and may lose library privileges. Anyone found to be removing materials from the building without checking them out properly may lose library privileges permanently.


General Deportment
General rules apply: please keep your voices low, and cell phones should not be used in public areas of the building.To protect our library materials and furnishings, no eating or smoking is permitted in the Library. Covered drink containers are allowed. Children are welcomed in the building, but must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Only service dogs are permitted in the building, and should be kept on a leash at all times.