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Growing as a person of faith is a lifelong process. It is all about discovering the person God created you to be and finding the most effective and faithful way to live as that person in today’s world.

Andover Newton is committed nurturing the journey of lifelong learners, both clergy and laity. To do that we offer a variety of experiences.

  • On-line seminars on a variety of topics.
  • Workshops that offer short-term, practical learning experiences.
  • Lectures on academic topics from ethics to contemporary theology.
Participants in Andover Newton’s Lifelong Learning events can received Sabbath Hours to track and be recognized for the ongoing learning. Participants will be recognized as a Jubilee Fellow when they have received a total of 49 Sabbath Hours.
Sometimes you come to campus. Sometimes the campus comes to you.. Either way the resources of Andover Newton are available to you as you continue to lives and grow as a person of faith.
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