Sabbath Hour at Andover Newton

Purpose and Concept

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deepening the life of the soul | growing in the life of faith

Sabbath Hour is a continuing education framework that recognizes your ongoing learning, hour by hour. As a Sabbath Hour participant, you will be able to:

  1. Take advantage of the resources of the Andover Newton community without enrolling in a degree program;
  2. Indulge your love of learning while you engage issues that matter to you;
  3. Take time for personal reflection and growth that will lead to deeper faith;
  4. Deepen your understanding of theology and the life of faith, your commitment to the church; and
  5. Discover new ways in which you can serve others and the world.

For just 49 hours of this insightful and inspiring engagement, you will receive recognition as a Jubilee Fellow. This recognition will convey your substantial investment in personal and professional development to your community, congregation, or employer. All this is possible whether you already have a degree in theology or not.

Why Sabbath?

Usually, the word Sabbath is understood to be a day of rest. However, in its original Hebrew, it actually means "to complete.” Genesis tells us that God rested from the work of creation, performed in six days, and on the seventh considered all that had been created — and found it very good indeed. Our hope is that through Sabbath Hour participation, you will find an opportunity to rest from your work, to take a Sabbath during which you consider all that God has done, and to worship God by using your mind in critical thinking about your heritage and experience.

Why Jubilee?

Once you accumulate 49 Sabbath Hours, you will be recognized as a Jubilee Fellow. Leviticus 25 speaks of the Sabbath Year, which was to occur every seven years. The year after the seventh Sabbath Year (a total of 49 years) was to be a year of Jubilee, in which liberty would be proclaimed, those in bondage would be released, and good news would be preached to the poor. In keeping with the spirit of Jubilee, we affirm that the learning that is recognized through Sabbath Hour is for the purpose of developing a world more in keeping with God’s vision of shalom through our own personal growth and learning.

Ready to learn more?

Learn how Sabbath Hour works. For further information on Sabbath Hour contact Jeff Jones, Director of Ministry Studies, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 617-831-2364.