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RegisterMoney and Your Ministry

Date: October 9
Workshop Fee: $45 (free for Andover Newton students)
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Is your church facing a budget crisis? Is your salary stagnant? Does your church fight about money – or keep secrets about it? This presentation will help you learn a way to understand what’s really going on (in us and in others) when money becomes an issue in congregational life, and how to lead around money with lowered anxiety and more clarity. What you will take away with you: a new way to approach the money challenges we all face at church.

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RegisterUncommon Sense, Ministry and Congregational Health

Date: November 14
Registration Fee: $75

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Ministers can rack their brains wondering: “What can help my stuck and dysfunction congregation?” Indeed, ministerial leadership not only promotes vibrant programs and provides pastoral care, but also supports the development of a congregation’s health.  But how?  This continuing education workshop applies systems theory to support the understanding of congregations, and to guide interventions on behalf of congregational health. In the end, when a congregation is healthy, it is like a rising tide in which all boats float, and where its spiritual mission is pursued. 

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