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RegisterIntimate Violence & Religious Faith: Responding to Elder Abuse, Teen Assault, & Domestic Violence

Date: March 5
Registration Fee: $75  

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As a faith leader how do you respond when you realize that a member of your church’s high school youth group has been the victim of sexual assault (1 out of 5 teens report experiencing physical violence on a date)? If an elderly member of your congregation is experiencing abuse, what do you do (national surveys show that 11% of adults over 60 have faced physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional abuse)? One out of four women and one out of 12 men experience violence in their intimate relationships.  How can churches insure that they’re supporting these victims adequately? This workshop will equip lay people and clergy to respond with appropriate resources and knowledge to all those suffering some form of intimate violence.

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RegisterI Wish I Had More Time for My Sermon: Sermon Practices for the Tired Preacher

Date: Thursday, May 7
Registration Fee: $75

As church staffs get smaller, as leadership gets more complicated, as staff meetings go longer, as the demands of congregational care get louder, sermon preparation gets squeezed like an orange. When the preacher finally sits down to write a sermon, the blinking cursor on the blank white screen is a just that, a curse. In this workshop, Adam will help you reflect upon the value of preaching in our current age and provide a model of preaching preparation that is not just another task, but a posture brought into every aspect of ministry. 

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