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Louis D. Brown Peace Institute
1452 Dorchester Avenue
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Site Description

The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute is a publication, training, and resource institute for peace advocacy and also provides supportive services to families who are victims of homicide. The Institute has published several peace guides and is currently focused on publishing guides for services in the aftermath of violent loss, such as burial guides and guides to working with the criminal justice system. The agency provides some direct short-term pastoral care to families of victims as well as advocacy and community organizing initiatives within the Boston area community. The agency has gained some national attention for its work and has worked closely with the Harvard School of Public Health.

Stipend Expectation

This site does not meet the stipend expectation

Student Involvement

The agency is seeking a seminarian with a strong interest in developing urban social justice advocacy and pastoral crisis counseling skills. As a field education placement, the intern would ideally assist the agency in its shift to becoming primarily a publication, training, and resource institute. Specifically, the seminarian will create a way to evaluate the use of the Institute's peace curriculum in middle and high schools; assist in developing an assessment tool for how various Boston agencies respond and provide services to families in the aftermath of violent loss; put together a training booklet currently called "Homicide 101" assisting families and other in working with the criminal justice system; develop a mechanism for getting the Institute's burial guide to front line service providers and clergy and assist in thinking about how to market the Institute's model of service provision to other major U.S. cities; and develop a resource guide to who in Boston is serving crime victims. Seminarians will also have an opportunity to develop pastoral crisis counseling skills in working with families of victims.

Commitment to Educating Ministers

The on-site supervisor is Tina Chery and she is deeply committed to her Catholic faith and finds inspiration for her work in this tradition. The off-site supervisor who would be on site for up to three hours a week would be Rev. Michelle Walsh, MSW, LICSW, an ordained Unitarian Universalist community minister with 17 years of experience in urban ministry (she is also an independently licensed clinical social worker with many years of experience in trauma assessment and treatment). Both Ms. Chery and Rev. Walsh are deeply committed to the education and preparation of ministers for urban work and the realities of crisis management and response to trauma. Rev. Walsh is also part of a research team at Boston University that looks at developing materials to train clergy for trauma response. This site would be particularly appropriate for seminarians who want to work permanently in social justice outside the parish setting - such as those with a community ministry or missionary focus - or those who want to work in urban parishes ultimately.

Special Considerations

No car for transportation is required. The site is accessible through the Field Corner red line. Rev. Walsh is an off-site supervisor, but is committed to being available on-site for up to three hours per week and would be available by phone for emergencies. There is no denominational requirement for the student, but an interview would be expected to assess mutual suitability. Rev. Walsh is listing her name down for contact, but Tina Chery should also be contacted as the agency director at 617-825-1917 or


Currently this site has no capacity to provide a stipend with the internship. In the future we might explore grants for that purpose, but not in this coming year.

Contact Information

Volunteer Supervisor for Interns
15 Frawley Street, Apt. 4

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