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Main Street Congregational Church
145 Main Street

Site Description

Main Street Church is looking forward to partnering with a student in ways that will help us all become better ministers, ordained and lay. We invite a student to come to this church and develop a learning agreement that captures those areas of ministry that are on the heart and the passion of the student. Our congregation is vibrant, mission focused and eager to share the spirit that is here with others and have our student’s gift enhancing the mix – teaching us, challenging us, nurturing us, expanding us. Together we can reflect on faithful and committed ways of being disciples in today’s world. Our community is diverse and growing. We have an average of 110 people in worship on Sunday morning. We are a predominantly, but not exclusively white congregation, economically we are professionals, blue collar, upper middle class and food stamp dependent, gay, straight, singles and families of all configurations, in recovery and needing recovery, mostly in the 40- 65 year age range, with 5 kids in the nursery most weeks and a Sunday school with more registered then regularly attending. We are a community growing in mission, people and spirit – this leads to some confusion as we seek to be the body of Christ in a world that is changing so quickly. We are excited about what God is enabling in our midst and are eager to have a student share that ministry with us – that we can offer our site for learning and we can learn from you. Our purpose statement is Exploring God’s love – building community – serving God’s world, we believe a field ed student can help us expand in any of those areas.

Stipend Expectation

This site meets the stipend expectation

Student Involvement

We are a permission giving congregation seeking to expand our ministries - our intent is to assure that our student develops a learning agreement in convert with her/his goals. We do not have specific ministries in mind for you - we aren't looking to fill a hard to fill volunteer spot with a student. We want to hear your dreams and help develop a learning agreement that moves you toward them.

Commitment to Educating Ministers

We are new as a field ed site coming to this time is response the blessing and gift of just having had a member of our congregation ordained - we were energized and enriched by walking the path to ordination with him and are eager to be connected with another student developing their pastoral identity and gifts. The congregation initiated becoming a filed ed site - they are eager to support, encourage and learn with our student.Our Pastor is also actively involved in development of ministry as facilitator for the MACUCC's Pastoral Excellence Program

Contact Information

Chair, Teaching Parish Committee
1 South Road

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