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Student Fellowship Groups make Campus Life Vibrant

Fellowships 101

So what is a "Fellowship" anyway? According to the dictionary, it's a "group of people meeting to pursue a shared interest or aim." Here at Andover Newton, that's not too far off! The joy of ministry/faith/religion comes not only from our experiences with the divine but from our experiences and strength in community. Fellowships at Andover Newton seek to live out that truth as we build the "beloved community" here on campus and around the world. 

What do they do to live this out? Throughout the year, fellowships will host various events on campus. That might entail sponsoring a worship or prayer service, hosting a coffee house, poetry slam, movie night, forum or even a panel and guest speaker; all are open to every Andover Newton student! While these events often serve as major events for fellowships, many other more intimate opportunities to grow around the pursuit of a "shared interest or aim" are available as often as you wish to meet! In other words, we generally fund events or other expenses that are initiated by students, that occur on campus, and that usually fit into one of the following categories:

Smaller events targeted to a specific portion of the student body, e.g. a Baptist Fellowship "Meet & Greet."

Larger events open to the entire school, sponsored either by Fellowships or individual students.

That sounds nice, but why be a formally recognized fellowship? It's true that students may choose to have impromptu worship services or events, but there can be a lot to coordinate; so why do it on your own!? Here are a few perks of "fellow-shipping:" 

  • Formal recognition of your club throughout campus and institutional materials, helping grow your fellowship!
  • The Vice President of the Student Association's primary role is assisting fellowships in accomplishing their mission; why turn that down?
  • The Student Association provides financial assistance to recognized fellowships for events throughout the year.
  • The creativity that abounds during networking between fellowships.

These are just a few of the benefits, but the list goes on and on; just ask some current fellowship veterans! 

Some recent fellowship groups include:

BGLANTS (Biseaxual, Gay, Lesbian, Allied, and Transgender Students): BGLANTS is a fellowship group of Andover Newton Theological School students who are concerned with issues facing gay, lesbian, bi and trans people in ministry and the church. We include people regardless of their sexual orientation, and understand that heterosexism and homophobia affect not only queer identified persons, but also their friends, families and allies. We welcome students who believe in the group's mission.

Baptist Fellowship: Over the years we have come to realize that the Baptist students at Andover Newton are from such a variety of backgrounds and locations that it is hard to find each other. The Baptist Fellowship's main purpose, therefore, is to provide a means for Baptists to find each other and fellowship together.

Black Student Fellowship: The Black Student Fellowship is an organization dedicated to the support and promotion of African American and African students, faculty and staff and related curriculum at Andover Newton Theological School. It is sensitive to the justice and equality issues that impact Black Americans, Africans and the Diaspora, and seeks to inform and engage the wider seminary and religious community in meaningful study, dialogue and action on said issues.

International Students Fellowship:to promote friendship among international students, voice the concerns and needs of the international students, provide a platform to showcase the diverse cultures on campus, encourage cultural exchange between international students and domestic students, foster community and promote leadership and international and interreligious development opportunities for the ANTS student body.

Prison Ministry Fellowship: The Andover Newton Prison Ministry is a fellowship of faculty and students. We offer a non-judgmental presence and friendship to incarcerated persons

The Green Team: To promote Earth stewardship, environmental awareness and eco-theological study within our campus community.

UCC Fellowship: The UCC Fellowship serves the community by providing opportunities to explore and celebrate the history, polity, and diversity of this great denomination, to develop friendships, and support one another on our theological journeys.

UUCANS: The Unitarian Universalist Community of Andover Newton Students (UUCANS) is the organization through which Unitarian Universalist students at Andover Newton (and other interested students of any denomination) congregate for fellowship, worship. In our activities, and in our worship, we strive to further understanding across denominational lines.

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