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The Plan Description Brochure and the Summary Brochure for this year’s Student Health Insurance Plan (“the Plan”) can be found at

If you are registered for 9 or more credits in the fall 2016 term, you will be automatically enrolled in the Plan unless you provide proof of alternative health insurance coverage to Brian Boyce in the Business Office.  You must provide this proof every fall, no matter how many times you may have done so in the past.  A copy of your insurance card is all that is needed; you can scan and email it to Brian or bring it in to be copied.  If you fail to provide this proof, you will be included in the Plan and your student account will be charged the full annual premium, even though you have other health insurance that already covers you.  Please attend to this requirement as soon as possible if you do not want to be included in the Plan.

If you are registered for fewer than 9 credits in the fall 2016 term, you will not be included in the Plan unless you ask to participate.  An email to Brian Boyce is all that is needed for you to be enrolled.

Spouses, domestic partners, and children of participating students are also allowed to participate in the plan.  You must notify Brian Boyce that you want a family member to participate, and provide the name, date of birth, and Social Security Number of each family member you want to be included in the Plan.

Premiums for coverage in the Plan are stated in the attached brochures and are billed to your student account.

Coverage is effective from 9/1/16 through 8/31/17.  The main enrollment sheet is usually submitted after the end of the Add/Drop Period.  If you need to be enrolled before this (for example, if you have a doctor visit scheduled for before September 25) please let Brian Boyce know so that he can send in your enrollment information as soon as possible.

Please call or email Brian at 617 831 2389 ( with any questions.

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