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Mary Peck, a good and faithful servant

Mary PeckThe entire Andover Newton community is saddened at the passing of Mary Peck, on October 27, 2015. Beloved wife of former president Rev. George Peck and dedicated member of the community, Mary was committed to the mission of the church. Those of us who were touched by her - and there are tens of thousands of us! - will miss her deeply. If ever someone deserved the honored adage 'well done thy good and faithful servant' it is this gentle soul. 

Professor Mark Heim shares a special remembrance of Mary’s time at Andover Newton:

Mary Peck was a keystone of community at Andover Newton. For many years she hosted a dean's tea (later president's tea) once a week that was the centerpiece moment for mingling of students, faculty and staff. It always featured a selection of teas brewed correctly in the Australian/British manner. The Pecks' Christmas open house was likewise a sort of hearth and home for all of us, but especially for those far from their own homes. She had a special heart for international students (picking out who needed a warmer coat or was depressed by the dark of a Boston winter) and any one in need, physically or spiritually. She had an unerring eye and ear for beauty, especially music--which filled her home and spilled onto our campus. Mary's sweetness came along with a natural dignity and a sparkle of wit delivered so dryly that it sometimes took a moment for the penny to drop. She was far ahead of the curve of natural healing and foods (and helped many others in that vein). She was a quiet, deep soul, grounded in her Baptist roots but constantly widening her circle of spiritual friendship. No one who passed through Andover Newton in any capacity in her years left untouched by her.

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