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President's Statement After Attacks in Beirut & Paris

Andover Newton President the Rev. Martin B. Copenhaver has issued the following statement in the wake of terrorist bombings in Paris, France:

Dear Friends,

At Andover Newton we join with people of faith of every tradition in denouncing the recent outbreaks of terrorism in Paris, Beirut and other parts of the world. We grieve the needless loss of life and the hatred that caused it. Recent events remind us that religion is a force of such power that it can be used to rationalize violence. We also affirm, however, that religion also is a singularly powerful source of reconciliation, healing, and peace -- and we pray that it will be so now in every violence-stricken corner of the world.

We at Andover Newton have seen the ways in which interreligious engagement brings about greater understanding and appreciation of “the other.” We also know that generalizations about an entire religious tradition born out of the hateful acts of a few is only another way of perpetrating the cycle of misunderstanding and further violence. So we redouble our commitment to the interreligious engagement that has characterized our School and is so needed in our time.

Using the various names by which we call upon the Divine, we pray as one:  “Bring peace, O Holy One, bring peace to all of your people now.”

In faith,
Martin Copenhaver

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