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Lenten Devotional: Saturday, February 17
"Already and Not Yet" - Andover Newton's Lenten Devotional Series

"Already and Not Yet" is the 2018 Lenten Daily Devotional written by members of the Andover Newton community, which is also being shared at Facebook and on Twitter. Future posts here will include links to all the previous entries for easy browsing to any you might have missed or might want to revisit.

Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018
“Not Yet” – Gregory Mobley

The season of Lent pulls us into that waiting room outside the ward, that Green Room offstage: the chamber of Not Yet.

I’ve never liked the chamber of Not Yet. I’d rather skip ahead to the parade on Palm Sunday and to its insistent cry, “Hosanna,” which means “Save now!”

There is great power in the phrase “Not Yet.” But you have to take it out for a walk on your tongue to understand it.

The poor have not been blessed; at least not yet.
We have not built a society that is just, at least not yet.
We have not beaten those addictions, we have not found the correct treatment, we have not found our vocation; at least not yet.

As our world limps toward Holy Week this season, we are trembling already at the betrayals and denials, the brutality, injustice and abuse of power, the scapegoating of innocent victims in order to achieve social unity, the violent insanity of mobs and the cowardly silence of onlookers.

Life has still not triumphed over death ... at least,
not yet,
by God.

Here is a prayer I invite you to sing rather than speak:
“O master, let me walk with thee, in lowly paths of service free.
Teach me thy secret. Help me bear
the strain of toil, the fret of care.”

Gregory Mobley is Professor of Hebrew Bible and Congregational Studies at Andover Newton Seminary at Yale Divinity School.​

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