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Lenten Devotional: Friday, February 23
"Already and Not Yet" - Andover Newton's Lenten Devotional Series

"Already and Not Yet" is the 2018 Lenten Daily Devotional written by members of the Andover Newton community, which is also being shared at Facebook and on Twitter. Future posts here will include links to all the previous entries for easy browsing to any you might have missed or might want to revisit.

Friday, Feb. 23, 2018
“A New Reality of Love” – Karen Hodges (MDiv '11, MA '12)

I fell.

I have been recovering. I learned that healing takes time.

My body was broken. I lost income. My capacity isn’t limitless.

The world suffers in acute and painful ways. We all carry each other’s sorrows and grief and suffering with our own.

And yet...

I survived.

I discovered how goodness and joy come after pain and sorrow.

Friendship and family, laughter and honesty can heal. There is a difference between self-comfort and self-care.

How incredibly precious it is to walk with Jesus in the shadows of grief, pain and loss. I’ve clung to the bread and the wine, the Eucharist is the vessel through which God healed me and met me.

When I hear the word resurrection, I think of an Upper Room, a shelter for the homeless and what it feels like to be anointed by a motley crew who actually believe Jesus meant the things he said.

I think of Mary the Magdalene hearing Jesus saying her name at the tomb.

Resurrection is the peace of fully belonging in the world.

Harsh winters, doubts and unanswered prayers; resurrection only happens after you’ve been down on the ground for a while.

Resurrection means rising up and living within the reality of Love – the theology, the praxis, the hope, the down-in-the-dirt reality.

Resurrection is the story of how we rise up to a new reality of love.

Karen Hodges (MDiv ’11; MA ’12) is a UCC minister and chaplain. Karen is a member of the Andover Newton Alumni/ae Board.

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