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One Faculty, Two Locations, and Much Change Afoot
New Details on Andover Newton-Yale Divinity School Affiliation

As you might have read last week, Andover Newton is pursuing an affiliation with Yale Divinity School, starting with a “Visiting Year” in 2016-17. Professors Mark Heim, Gregory Mobley, and Benjamin Valentin will be in-residence at YDS, as will Dean Sarah Drummond. The four will work together -- in close collaboration with President Martin Copenhaver, who will be working from Newton but traveling to New Haven frequently -- to design a program of collaborative teaching, research, and other initiatives with YDS. Each Visiting Professor at YDS will spend at least part of the academic year at Andover Newton, in that all three professors will teach courses at Andover Newton next year. Dean Drummond will be on campus in Newton weekly during the Visiting Year and will communicate with students there via phone, Skype, and email.

Other changes are under way as well. Dr. Lorena Parrish, Director of Ministry Studies and Assistant Professor of Theology and Practice, will depart Andover Newton to become the Dirk Romeyn Assistant Professor of Metro-Urban Ministry and Director of the Doctor of Ministry at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Jersey. Dean Drummond is working with Dr. Parrish to make arrangements so that Dr. Parrish can move forward with the Border-Crossing Immersion she is scheduled to lead in June 2017. Dr. Chris Hoklotubbe, Visiting Assistant Professor of New Testament and Louisville Postdoctoral Fellow, will relocate to Southern California this summer. “Doc Hok” had already intended to teach next year online, so his spring course will move forward as planned.

Stay tuned for announcements this summer of new educators who will join the ranks at Andover Newton as this time of transition unfolds. In the meantime, know that supports are in place so that students have advice, resources, and encouragement in this time of change.

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