Planned Giving: Charitable Lead Trusts

The lead trust is the reverse of the other life income plans.  Instead of the donor receiving an income for life from the trust, then the principal passing to the charity, the charity receives income for a designated time period, then trust assets revert back to the donor or the donor's family.  This type of trust can provide a large charitable deduction or gift and estate tax benefits, depending on how the trust is set up.  There are also some taxable income and generation-skipping tax implications, so if you are considering a lead trust, it is important that you consult your own financial advisor.

If you establish a planned gift to benefit Andover Newton, you will be invited to become a member of our Heritage Society. An Honor Roll of Heritage Society Members is published in our Annual Report. You can choose whether or not you want your name to appear on the Honor Roll. There is also an annual reception for Heritage Society Members in the Fall.

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