Stock, Life Insurance, and Real Estate

Gifts of Life Insurance and Real Estate

Real estate can be given outright to Andover Newton or used to fund a charitable remainder trust.  Using real estate to make a charitable gift can result in a significant reduction in probate costs and estate taxes.  If the property is highly appreciated, there are also capital gains savings.  Funding a charitable remainder trust with a piece of real estate is a good way to turn it into an income producing asset with no management and investment worries for the donor.

Life insurance that is no longer needed can be used to make a substantial charitable gift at little or no new cost to the donor.  Making Andover Newton both the owner and beneficiary of a paid-up policy entitles you to a charitable deduction at the time of the gift.  If you make Andover Newton both the owner and beneficiary of a policy on which you are still paying premiums, a charitable deduction is available at the time of the gift and you may also deduct each premium payment as a charitable gift. Gifts of life insurance can also result in reduced probate costs and estate taxes by removing the assets from your estate.

If you establish a planned gift to benefit Andover Newton, you will be invited to become a member of our Heritage Society. An Honor Roll of Heritage Society Members is published in our Annual Report. You can choose whether or not you want your name to appear on the Honor Roll. There is also an annual reception for Heritage Society Members in the Fall.

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