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Protestant Campus Ministry ~ Lowell
One University Avenue
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Site Description

Protestant Campus Ministry at a public institution, with a variety of ministry and learning opportunitiesThe Protestant Campus Ministry ~ Lowell (PCML), serving the University of Massachusetts Lowell, began its work on the campus in January of 1986. The Ministry is supported by six denominations: American Baptist, Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church USA, United Methodist Church, and United Church of Christ. PCML is overseen by a Board of Directors, the members of which are drawn from local Protestant congregations.Located 25 miles from Boston, UMass Lowell is one of the five campuses in the University of Massachusetts system. Some of the University's premier programs include nanotechnology, sound recording technology, and green chemistry; the University is also known for programs in criminal justice, psychology, physical therapy, and work environment. The University has approximately 17,000 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and continuing education students; nearly half of the undergraduates are commuters, and nearly 20% are students who are 25 years of age and older. The University is comprised of UMass Lowell North, South, and East. UML North and South are separated by a mile and a river. UMass Lowell has registered the following campus ministries: Catholic, Evangelical Protestant (Christian Student Fellowship), Protestant, and International Students, Inc. The campus ministers relate to the Division of Student Affairs. Campus ministers are scheduled to move into the new University Crossing building during the summer of 2014.Imogene Stulken, an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, began serving as Protestant Campus Minister at the University in the fall of 1987.For more information, please see the following Web sites:For all the ministries - the University - the Campus Profile - campus maps & directions - information on the city of Lowell -

Stipend Expectation

This site does not meet the stipend expectation

Student Involvement

Initial time would be spent becoming familiar with UMass Lowell and current ministry programs. Specifics of the involvement will depend on the interests and learning objectives of the student. Ministry opportunities could include: * participating in a weekly evening worship (small group) and/or establishing an alternate time and format for worship* implementing a Bible study or series* participating in current outreach efforts and/or exploring new outreach possibilities, including a mission trip* meeting with students for pastoral care* exploring additional ways to embody a "ministry of presence"* working with students who are 25 year of age or older* planning programs collaboratively with campus colleagues (for example, from the Counseling Center, Student Health, Campus Recreation, Center for Women & Work, Peace & Conflict Studies Institute, etc.) * working on skill development - such as worship planning, pastoral care, oral and written communication, publicity, administration

Commitment to Educating Ministers

The Teaching Site Committee - comprised of clergy and lay leaders from local congregations - is intentionally committed to the mission of educating ministers (as opposed to the concept of getting "free labor"). The TSC understands the purposes of the monthly meetings to be for listening to the student, reflecting with the student on joys and challenges of the ministry (expanding on the theological reflection component offered in the student's weekly meetings with the supervisor), raising questions for the student to consider or ponder, encouraging new directions, and offering support. (While program ideas and approaches to challenges do emerge from the meetings, these are not the primary focus of the TSC meetings.)

Special Considerations

UMass Lowell can be reached from Boston by train. While not necessary, an automobile is extremely useful to travel between and among the various parts of the campus. While we have no specific Protestant denominational requirements, it might be helpful to know that: As Protestants in Ministry at UML We Are:* Open to searchers, seekers, doubters, questioners* Believers in divine love and grace* Inclusive and welcoming* Comfortable with paradox* Non-authoritarian in our spirituality* Intentionally engaged in interdenominational, ecumenical, & interfaith conversations & efforts

Contact Information

Protestant Campus Minister
59 Baldwin Street
978 729-9903; 978 658-5377

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