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The Second Church in Newton
60 Highland Street
West Newton

Site Description

Over the years The Second Church has distinguished itself as a pioneer in the fields of education, music, and service to the community. It currently has an active membership of over 350, active lay participation, and a thoughtful, challenging, and inspiring ministry. It is an open and affirming congregation which invites and enthusiastically includes people of diverse backgrounds in the full spectrum of its activities. Each year it shares leadership in interfaith dialogues with members of Temple Shalom and houses Congregation Dorshei Tzedek as a tenant. It is a busy place seeking to faithfully live out a relevant Christian ministry for our time and community.

Stipend Expectation

This site meets the stipend expectation

Student Involvement

The Second Church has been richly rewarded by and has, we believe, served field education students effectively for the last five years. The students bring their Learning Agreements to us, and we seek to provide what they believe will best serve them as they prepare for Christian ministry. Of course, the Church also has needs, but in this program its primary objective is to provide an enriching experience for the student. Examples of student goals in the past few years are experience in leading worship services, in gaining competence and confidence in Christian education, in making pastoral visits, in participating in social action projects. The Church, we believe, has enabled the students to accomplish their goals.

Commitment to Educating Ministers

The Teaching Parish Committee works to coordinate the work of the field education student and to support him/her in every way possible. The TPC meets with the student regularly and is always available for counseling. The minister meets with the student and schedule and be a resource for his/her worship experience. The other members of the staff share their wisdom and counsel as is appropriate. The Church also provides workspace that is hardly luxurious but at least give a "home base".

Special Considerations

At present supervision is provided off-site. In our judgment this arrangement has worked well. As the pastor is available to the seminarian for weekly one-on-one meetings regarding, the off-site supervisor has become objective sounding board and support for our past seminarians.

Contact Information

Chair of Teaching Parish Committee
1010 Waltham Street, #F3
(781) 538-6070

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