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Celene Ibrahim-Lizzio Appears on "State of Belief"
National radio show praises collaborations of Andover Newton, Hebrew College

Chaplain Celene Ibrahim-Lizzio, Islamic scholar-in-residence at Andover Newton Theological School and Hebrew College and co-director of CIRCLE, was a featured guest on the July 18, 2015, episode of the nationally syndicated radio show and podcast State of Belief. Guest host Rabbi Jack Moline, Executive Director of the Interfaith Alliance, spoke with her about the long history of interreligious exchange and partnership between the two schools, with an emphasis on the Master of Arts in Global Interreligious Leadership as the latest fruits of our collaboration.

The MAGIL program can be a quick addition to an existing Master of Divinity or rabbinical school curriculum or work as a stand-alone degree for people whose work in advocacy, nonprofits, or the charitable sector would be aided by a deep awareness of one's own spiritual values and those of others, Chaplain Ibrahim-Lizzio said.

This sort of training would help prepare the next generation of leaders in groups like the Interfaith Alliance, Rabbi Moline said.

Other segments on the show include a discussion with Pastor Mike McBride of "The Way" Christian Center in Berkeley, California, and director of the PICO Network's LiveFree Campaign about the anti-racism work seen since the Charleston, South Carolina, church shootings in June; a discussion with Rabbi Elliot Dorff, professor of Jewish Theology at the American Jewish University, about reconciling Scriptural beliefs to the new revelations brought by scientific discovery; and Rabbi Moline's commentary on the ways advances in human rights affect Christian culture in a country with a secular Constitution.

Visit the episode's show notes to listen to the program in its entirety or to listen to the Andover Newton-related segment by itself.

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