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One of the things that distinguishes Andover Newton is our vibrant student community.  With six residence halls on campus and with many commuter students spending overnight time in the residence halls each week, there are always opportunities for friendship and conversation. You may find yourself in a prayer group, a cook out around the bonfire pit, or an impromptu jam session.  Some of the most stimulating conversations happen across the tables when students choose to dine together! We celebrate who you are and the gifts you bring.

This vibrant student life is enriched by the fact that we have over 45 denominations and multiple religious traditions within the student body, and share “the hill” with a rabbinical school and a Muslim presence.  Our focus on interfaith learning through the Center for Inter-Religious and Communal Leadership Education provides you with opportunities to get to know your own and your neighbor’s faiths better.  Together our students learn how to build bridges across the differences that divide us in order to create justice in the world.

Students have the opportunity to gather together with like-minded peers in Student Fellowship Groups, or help govern student life through the Student Association, to create engaging worship through participation in Community Worship, or to foster acts of learning, advocacy, and hospitality by working with the Office of Student Life to plan various community forums surrounding social justice or interreligious dialogue which occur each semester. Whoever you are, whatever you bring, there’s a place for you here!


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