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Wilson Chapel

Built in 2007 for Andover Newton’s bicentennial celebration, Wilson Chapel serves as the spiritual center of campus. The chapel faces the library across the quadrangle, creating the intellectual and spiritual centers of campus, where a community is formed. The south wall of the chapel is made entirely of glass as an intentional gesture of openness to the marginalized peoples of the southern hemisphere. 

Acknowledging our oldest faith traditions, Congregationalist and Baptist, the chapel was designed to embrace the theology and symbolism of the New England meeting house. The interior, which is almost exactly the size of the inner sanctum of Solomon's Temple, has no fixed icons and its walls are made of Jerusalem limestone. The vaulted ceiling has exposed steel beams as an expression of the formational role of seminary study and as a nod to Al Wilson, the former CEO of Wilson Steel and the namesake of Wilson chapel.  Facing the quadrangle, a tall glass tower or “steeple” shines like a city on a hill to the surrounding world. 

Like a traditional meeting house, Wilson Chapel is used for regular worship, lectures, arts events, and public meetings. With such a flexible space, Wilson Chapel is able to accommodate the various worship traditions that make up the student body, welcome a wide variety of guest groups, and serve as a laboratory as the school explores what worship will look like in the future. 

For information on how to reserve Wilson Chapel for an event: {External Events} - Need the Link

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