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Student Discipline Policy

I. Preamble

The relationships and conduct of students at Andover Newton shall be consistent with the purpose and mission of the School as stated in the catalog. On rare occasions in every institution, questions arise about whether certain personal conduct on the campus is compatible with the nature and purpose of the institution. To deal with such questions, should they arise, Andover Newton has established a Committee on Student Discipline to conduct an impartial investigation of the facts and make recommendations as to what action should be taken. During the time of this process a student’s transcript will be marked "Disciplinary Hearing Pending." Once the hearing has run its course this
marker will be removed.

II. Composition of the Committee

The committee shall consist of the Academic Dean (chair), two faculty representatives, and two students. All members are appointed by the Academic Dean; the students are appointed in consultation with the Student Executive Officer. The Dean of Students serves as a nonvoting member of the committee, acting chiefly as an advocate for the student.

III. Procedures

A. Specific cases may be brought to the committee's attention by any faculty member, staff member, or student. The normal channel shall be the chair of the committee. However, the committee's procedure shall not be put into effect unless the committee, having reviewed the available data, votes by majority that a case is within its jurisdiction and appropriate to its purposes.

B. When a case has been accepted by the committee, the following options shall be open to the Committee:

1. Counsel with the person concerned by the committee as a whole, by the Dean of Students, by selected members of the committee, or by other persons designated by the committee.

2. Should it appear to the committee that disciplinary action will be warranted in a particular case if the preliminary information received is confirmed to its satisfaction, the committee shall conduct such further investigation of the facts as it deems necessary. No recommendation shall be made until the person concerned has received a detailed written description of the charges against him or her and the source or sources of such charges, has had an opportunity to appear before the committee and have explained to him or her the evidence the committee has received, and has had the opportunity to offer a defense. Whenever such a hearing takes place the person concerned may have witnesses appear in his or her behalf. He or she may be accompanied by another party and that party may act as counsel.

If following the hearing the committee learns of or elects to hear further evidence or gather more data before reaching a final decision or recommendation, it shall give written notice to the person concerned of such further evidence or data and shall give him or her the opportunity to submit further comments about the evidence to the committee before it makes its final recommendation.

In disciplinary actions short of separation, the decision by majority vote of the entire committee is final.

C. The committee has the authority to recommend that students be separated from the School. Such cases shall be discussed and commented upon by the faculty meeting in executive session. However, the final decision shall be the President's. Notice of the committee's recommendation of separation shall be given to the concerned student, who shall have an opportunity after the notice is sent to him or her to submit written comments to the President before the President makes a final decision.

Updates and Corrections:

11-08-05 Updated the Preamble. Note changes in italics.

Updated September 21, 2006