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Internet Use Policy

This policy applies to all faculty, staff and students when they are using computers or Internet connections supplied by Andover Newton Theological School, whether or not during work hours, and whether or not from the School's premises.

No Privacy

Andover Newton Theological School provides computers and Internet connections ("facilities") to further its educational interests. Those facilities should be used only for school business. Andover Newton has the right, but not the duty, to monitor all communications and downloads that pass through its facilities, at its sole discretion. Any information retained on the School's facilities may be disclosed to outside parties or to law enforcement authorities.

Improper Activities

Users may not disseminate or knowingly receive harassing, sexually explicit, threatening or illegal information or chain letters by use of the School's facilities, including offensive jokes or cartoons. The School's facilities may not used for personal or commercial advertisements, solicitations or promotions.

Nature of E-mail

E-mail resembles speech in its speed and lack of formality. Unlike speech, e-mail leaves a record that is often retrievable even after the sender and recipient delete it. If a user would not want others to read a message, it should not be sent by e-mail.

Intellectual Property of Others

Users may not download or use material from the Internet or elsewhere in violation of software licenses, or the copyright trademark and patent laws, nor may they install or use any software obtained over the Internet without written permission from the Network Administrator.

Report Violations

Anyone who learns about a violation of this policy must report it immediately to his or her supervisor, the Systems Manager or the Network Administrator.

Updated September 21, 2006