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Student Computer Lab Policies

All of the policies pertaining to Information Technology Use Policies apply to the student lab. In addition, the following policies apply:

  • Use of ANTS Student Lab facilities is limited to current ANTS students, faculty, and staff. Use by other persons is strictly prohibited.
  • Academic work by students takes precedence over all other uses of the computers. The primary function of these resources is for work-related academics. All other uses are considered secondary.
  • Files are to be saved to the user's own media and not to the hard drive. It is the user's responsibility to provide his/her own media. Files saved on the hard drive will be deleted without notice.
  • Lab software that is copyrighted may not be copied. Students may not install any software program or utility on the lab computers without written permission of the Information Technology Department.
  • Only software that is properly licensed will be loaded on the lab computers.
  • Students may not remove any icons or programs from the lab computers, nor may they alter any programs.
  • ANTS Information Technology Department assumes no responsibility for lost or corrupted data on any PC.
  • Students should limit their time on the computers to two hours unless there are no other users waiting.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the computer lab.
  • If a technical problem occurs with either the hardware or software, contact the Information Technology Department, Ext. 301, rather than trying to fix it.
  • The lab will be open during posted hours only. Security concerns must be honored, so users are asked not to stay beyond the posted time.
  • Recognizing that we are a school of the church, accessing, downloading, or storing sexually explicit or other morally questionable material is prohibited.

Updated September 21, 2006