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Non-Degree and Certificate Programs

Andover Newton offers a number of learning opportunities that do not lead directly to a degree, though, for many, they can be a first step towards a formal Master of Divinity (M.Div.), Master of Arts (M.A.), or Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program, either at Andover Newton or another institution.

Some of these non-degree and non-credit programs are geared towards working clergy or laypersons active in their churches. Others are suited for students seeking a specialty within their degree or a short program that can be pursued with flexibility.

Feel free to consult an admissions counselor for help in choosing the best program for your needs and interests.
Options are:

Certificate Programs

Certificate options are available for students who wish to enhance knowledge and skills.

Boston Theological Institute (BTI) Certificate in International Mission and Ecumenism

The BTI program FETE (Focused Ecumenical Theological Education) provides students with an understanding of different Christian communities in the context of ecumenical dialogue. Each year thematic workshops overseas are offered for academic credit. A Certificate in International Mission and Ecumenism is awarded by the BTI in recognition of courses taken in Mission and Ecumenism at member schools.

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Boston Theological Institute (BTI) Certificate in Conflict Transformation

School of theology and divinity- and seminary-trained persons in all ministry settings should be prepared to respond to the realities of destructive conflict with peacemaking skills. Such work often requires the conversion of attitudes about conflict, and the development of skills and practices that transform conflict into opportunities for learning, growth, healing, new relationships and stronger communities.

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Special Student

Individuals who wish to take courses for credit without matriculating as degree candidates may apply for Special Student status. Special Students are subject to all Andover Newton policies and rules.

Special students are eligible to work towards any certificate offered to regular degree candidates. Special Students interested in Certificate Programs should contact the Registrar in advance of registering for classes to obtain any necessary approvals for Certificate participation.

Special Students auditing courses will be charged half the full tuition per course. A Special Student can audit up to two courses per semester. Special Students are not eligible for full-time, on-campus housing, and they are not ordinarily eligible for financial aid. Special Students are eligible to work toward any of the certificates offered at Andover Newton and may seek permission from the Dean’s Office to pursue a certificate through the Boston Theological Institute.

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Non-matriculated E-Learner

Persons with a bachelor‘s degree who have not matriculated at Andover Newton Theological School or another accredited seminary may register for E-Learning courses as non-matriculating E-Learners‖ (NEL) by contacting the Registrar‘s Office. Only E-Learning courses may be taken via this form of registration. E-Learning courses are regular Andover Newton courses that are offered on-line rather than in the classroom.

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Minister in the Vicinity (MIV)

Clergy serving churches or retired from active ministry as well as laypersons in paid professional ministries (and endorsed by their pastors), may register without tuition charge for up to two courses per semester. Ministers in the Vicinity (MIVs) may not receive course credit.

MIVs must fill out an application/registration form available from the Registrar and pay relevant fees. The MIV fee does not apply to E-Learning courses. Persons seeking MIV status are subject to deadlines and other regulations. Inquiries regarding MIV status may be directed to the Registrar at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). MIV privileges do not include Summer Institutes and some specialized courses.

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Auditing a Course

Laypersons who do not qualify as MIVs but wish to audit courses may apply for Lay Auditor status and pay relevant fees. Forms may be obtained from the Registrar or on the Registrar's form page. Lay Auditors may not receive course credit. Lay Auditors are subject to deadlines and other regulations. Inquiries regarding Lay Auditor status may be directed to the Registrar at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Lay Auditor privileges do not include Summer Institutes and some specialized courses. More on the Lay Auditor Program.

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LEARN Program of Non-credit On-line Seminars

Ministers, church leaders, and others wishing to engage in distance theological study without pursuing a degree or certificate may enroll in on-line seminars through Andover Newton's LEARN program. LEARN seminars are generally shorter, less intensive, and less expensive than regular Andover Newton courses and may not be taken for credit or applied towards a degree or certificate, although they can be used as an introduction to graduate theological studies.

LEARN seminars are offered on-line only, are not the same as E-Learning courses, and are offered on a seasonal schedule that is somewhat different from the regular semester schedule. Many are oriented towards practical problems encountered by church leaders and practicing clergy. More on the LEARN Program.

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