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Volunteer Incentive Programs

Andover Newton is proud to offer tuition discounts to admitted students who have completed a year or more of volunteer service with one of our partner organizations.  Andover Newton has been developing partnerships with volunteer programs since 2009.

This school believes that volunteer service which requires volunteers to cross outside the borders of familiarity is good training for effective leadership and, ultimately, helps develop precisely the kind of skills our increasingly pluralistic world needs to progress toward peace.  In fact, we have built our flagship degree program on the cornerstone of a Border Crossing Immersion which challenges students to deeply engage with communities and persons of different social, cultural, ethnic, racial, national and faith identities other than their own.

Prospective students who have participated in structured volunteer programs bring a strong immersion experience of their own.  With added training in spiritual practice and reflective writing, these volunteers offer the promise of helping bring the entire student body at Andover Newton to a higher educational plain.

Classes at Andover Newton are discussion and project-based and our campus is a close-knit community centered on exploring and defining faith and developing religious leadership for many kinds of ministry.  In this setting, the life experiences of our students are woven into the fabric of our curriculum, and experienced volunteers are uniquely well positioned to contribute to class discussion at a higher level.

Programs currently eligible for tuition discounts are listed here, and in our catalog

City Year giveayear partner school since 2010 –  eligibility:  City Year corps and alumni after at least one year of service and City Year staff members employed for at least two years.


Peace CorpsCoverdell Fellow Program since 2011 –  eligibility:  returned Peace Corps volunteers who have completed the full two-year tour of Peace Corps service, or whose service was interrupted under certain specific circumstances.

Prospective students who are eligible for tuition discounts under the Volunteer Incentive Program should be sure to list their community experience on their application for admission and provide written certification of their service from our partner organization.