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Voluntown Baptist Church
52 Main St

Site Description

At Voluntown Baptist Church we have many ministries. We have an adult choir, a children’s choir, and worship team to minister in music. We also have a Jr. High youth group as well as a Sr. High youth group. The past 5 years we have run the AWANA program for kids from pre-k through 6th grade, but are now switching to a family night on Wednesdays where they will have a program. After our church service we have Sunday School for kindergarten through adult study. We also have a children’s church for children age 4 through grade 3 during the service. After Sunday service we have begun a "Fellowship Cafe" where adults have coffees and breakfast treats and sit together to discuss specific or personal ideas/thoughts/questions from the sermon. Throughout the week several small groups meet to study different courses and books. During the summer we run a Vacation Bible School for pre-K through 6th grade. We also have a visitation program to the elderly, shut-ins, and people in the hospital.

Stipend Expectation

This site meets the stipend expectation

Student Involvement

An intern could certainly preach, help run the youth groups, the Wednesday night family program, the Sunday service, Fellowship Cafe, or children’s church, or a Sunday school class for adults or children. We do have curricula for many of these programs, but are also open to suggestion. Also, an intern could create his own mid-week study for men, women, or both. Additionally the intern could possibly do a youth service and help us expand our youth ministry and programs. Interns could also take part in committees and boards and be involved in the community at large. Any new programs or modifications to existing programs, with approval, would be fine also.

Commitment to Educating Ministers

Voluntown is RURAL, but about 30 minutes from everything. There are about 2600 people in this town. We do not have a major grocery store, mall, or major highway. We are a closely knit community and very friendly! Most people have a garden in the yard, dogs running around, and kids go to the local school in town. The town is predominantly Caucasian and most people go to one of the three churches in town. This is our church’s mission. Our mission is to evangelize unbelievers; we want to be an honest and effective witness to the good news of Jesus Christ. We also want to edify believers by using our time, talent and resources to make our church strong and healthy. We worship God in Spirit and in Truth because we want the living God to dwell in us, transforming our personal life and character. Finally, we try to love our neighbors as ourselves in practical, appreciated, and effective ways. As a church body, we decided that helping train someone for ministry would be an excellent way to broaden God's scope in this world. We have a lot to teach, and a lot to learn, and any student is welcome to begin their journey with us.

Special Considerations

As our church is far away from Andover we have the option of sleeping at the pastors house when traveling to Voluntown. This may make the trips easier. Also, we are looking into a mileage reimbursement for the student, but as yet it is not approved. Interested? Have questions? Just call me up and I'll do my best to answer them! God Bless You!


We are looking for someone who believes that the Bible is the infallible word of God. We are looking for someone with a love of the Lord who wants to work at a family church. Our three local churches, the fire department and the school have all worked together for the community and we would like someone who could also be excited about doing so. Our eyes see much more than just our church family; we see those in our community, our workplaces, and our hearts yearn for them to also see Christ as we see Him. We would like someone who can help us achieve this goal, no matter how small the steps.

Contact Information

Martha or Dean
79 Church St

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